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New Here, Cute Kitties!

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Hey, I'm new here. I'm happily in a long-term relationship with a guy named Travis, but even more great, we've got twin kitties!

They look almost exactly the same. Tidus (boy) Gwen(girl). They're grey and white tabbies and they're amazing! They have personalities of their own, and are very identified.

Gwen is very clean, and she loves to play. If you tell her to get inside of a box, she'll wait in there forever until you tell her to get out. She loves it when you push the box around on the floor when she's in it, she has a blast.

Tidus is laid back, overweight, and lovable. He loves to cuddle, he comes to his name, and he loves his mommy (me, hehe). He follows me, helps me with things, and he picks things up when I tell him to (Unless he really doesn't want to) he's such a sweetie!

They were born December 2006 and they're amazing! Hopefully they will make us some kittens.


My name is Jessie, and I'm 19.
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Welcome Jessie Your cats sound like real characters Would love to see photos of them when you can.

As for making kittens, cat population is a big problem. So many cats die every day because of overpopulation - there just are not enough loving, caring homes for them all. The very best gift you could give your babies is to have them neutered and spayed and then adopt another when you are ready

So glad you are here!
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yeah, that's probably a good idea. Waiting for some money. I adopted the two I have, their mother was killed. Got them their shots and everything for free, but spaying and neutering is expensive! How do you upload pictures of them?
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Go to to set up an account and you will be able to upload from your computer and it will just give you a link, that you paste in the forums and it shows as a picture automatically!

As for the kitties having kittens, it sounds like they are brother and sister! Get 'em fixed and adopt a family!! Inbreeding can really cause problems in cats! My moms cats are inbreed and they all have kidney failure!! (Well most of them, she has 13!!)

They will be happy if you adopt a family and dont let them breed!! I bet they're already trying too... Year old... Yeah!! Try to find a low cost spay/nueter program!
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Welcome to TCS!
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Oooh... bad idea!! If they are related the kittens will have big problems! Better to get them spayed/neutered, then adopt kittens from the pound instead.

They sound awfully cute though. You are now obligated to post pictures in the Fur Pictures forum.
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Originally Posted by kurolynn View Post
Got them their shots and everything for free, but spaying and neutering is expensive!
The cost of spaying and neutering pales in comparison to the cost of providing for the queen's needs during pregnancy and the cost of providing for a litter of kittens until they're about 12 weeks old, and they go to good homes (you would presumably have those good homes already lined up).

And as others have already mentioned, there's the inbreeding issue and the existing cat overpopulation issue as well.

Please reconsider spaying and neutering your cats ASAP. It's likely that there are low-cost facilities in your area, if money is really an issue. I'm actually shocked that your female hasn't gotten pregnant already, since the two cats have coexisted for a year and have been sexually mature for at least half a year.
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Hey Jessie! Your cats sound adorable!!
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Hey guys, she has her location as "Avon, IN"... that is enough info to find low-cost s/n programs, right? I got Tiny done for only about $20, so surely we can find something for her two.
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Hi! I would love to see pics of your babies. Congratulations! Welcome to TCS by the way, it's such a great resource. I'm a newbie myself.

As for breeding, there are so many kittens and cats that need homes. If you have your heart set on kittens, do a search on for that age in your area, you will likely see many (or you may not, more kittens are born in the summer). They are also probably related so you would have more chance of health problems with the kittens if they do have kittens. There is absolutely no logical reason to allow your cats to produce kittens.

Spaying/Neutering can be done for fairly cheap. There is a low-cost clinic by me that does females for $45 and males for $28. MUCH MUCH less expensive than the cost of caring for kittens and a pregnant mama. Vets will be more expensive for spaying/neutering but more likely than not there are low-cost options in your area. Spaying and Neutering will also improve or prevent any behavior problems that may arise (i.e. spraying urine to mark territory).

I found this through Google for Indiana:
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