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3 months ago

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I quit smoking!!!!And have not slipped up once!
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Congratulations, that is wonderful!!
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well done!
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Congrats and keep up the good work
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That's great! You past the toughest part!
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This is fantastic! Way to go! Do you feel better?
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That's fantastic, you should be proud of yourself that is an great accomplishment
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Very good my friend!.....
you´re great my friend! still on that path!
for you give up still hight!!!
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Good for you, Sherral!
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Keep up the good work!
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Well done! You must feel so much better! Keep it up!
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Way to go!!!!!!! Us non-smokers thank you so much!!!!!!!
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Take it from an x-smoker (many, many years smoke free) - it gets easier. Keep up the good work - you'll feel so much better.
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awesome job!!!!
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I feel so much better! Food taste a lot better,sometimes thats not good!!!
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Congrats!!! Go and buy yourself something as a reward! It doesn't have to be big, just something special in honour of 3 months
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