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Another new member

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Hi! My name is "jcat". I live in Germany, am 45 years old, married, teach at a secondary school level and am the proud "mother" of a four-year-old domestic shorthair. Our "baby" is a castrated male "tuxedo cat" whom we got from a humane society at the age of 10 weeks. I participate in a few other forums, but in German, and am looking forward to some interesting exchanges here.
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Welcome to the site jcat! I'm glad you found us here!

I look forward to getting to know you and your kitty on the boards. Feel free to ask any questions you may have or join us in The Cat Lounge for general chatting.
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Welcome to the site Jcat!

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We would love to see your furbaby!
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jcat! Hello and welcome. I taught English at the Secondary level and music also. Heidi, our host here in New Cats, also taught English. It's so wonderful to have another European member. Now a special question from me--What do you think of Beethoven and Wagner? I so wish I could visit Bonn, and travel the streets where the master lived! I also sang in many Wagnerian operas. Oh, and I want to see the Black Forest and, and, etc. EVERYTHING!
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Hi, Jeanie. I hate to say it, but I don't think I qualify as a European, because I'm a Philadelphia native who was transplanted here after marrying a German. And my taste in music runs more towards Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Metallica, et. al.. The Black Forest is really nice, but the Alps are even better. My very favorite city over here is Salzburg, Austria (though Munich,Vienna, Budapest and London are definitely worth seeing.
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Well, then, welcome fellow Pennsylvanian! I'm sure many of us would love to say they had seen the Alps. Do you miss the USA? Please tell me there are "fairy tale" castles in Germany, just as we picture them. Don't burst my bubble!
Bon Jovi was on the Today Show a couple of days ago, singing "My Funny Valentine." It was excellent. I like Bruce Springsteen also. Classical music is my favorite, not the only kind I like!
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There are absolutely fabulous castles over here. The best known "fairytale castle" is Neuschwanstein, located in Füssen, Bavaria. That's the one Disney used as a model, but there are larger, more impressive ones like Hohenzollern in Baden-Württemberg (southwestern Germany). One of my favorites is the castle in Edinburgh, Scotland. I've been here over twenty years and still can't get my fill of castles and cathedrals.
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The castle on the rock with the clock made of flowers in Edinburgh!! My mother was from Scotland; that's how I know. Oh, I wish I could see Europe! Thanks for making me feel like a little girl again! I'm sure the cathedrals are breathtaking! The artwork alone must be magnificent. And the architecture, amazing. Oh, get me to an airport!
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