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So Sorry to my Valintines!

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My 4 year old has been very ill these last four weeks. His fever just broke yesterday..
Please email me your addresses and I will send a gift to your sweeties.
Thank you for your understanding in this.. I haven't even been able to sleep as his fever would spike at night and we had to keep cold compresses on him as well as dosing him with tylenol. Even that didn't bring it back to normal but, did get it down alot.
I will send out the gifts on Monday or as soon as I get the addresses. Nenners will vouch for me as we exchanged gifts at Christmas. She sent me an incredable painting that is in my dining room.
Please do send the addresses, I really want to do this.
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Glad your little one is doing better!!!

Glad to have you back!

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Teresa, I've been wondering where you have been! I'm so glad to hear your little guy is doing better. Trent made up a nice little card for Ruby, which she can see tomorrow when Ginger posts them. You certainly are under no obligation to do anything for me and Trent...He was happy enough to have such a pretty pedigree for his Valentine.
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I'm so sorry to hear your little ones sick! I can vouch for Teresa. She gave me some lovely things for christmas! Auxana will still send a card to Tatum! Hopefully he'll have time to read it, but if not Auxana will understand.
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Missed you Teresa!!! Glad to hear your boy is doing better. I'm so sorry he had to suffer so much, little thing!

Lazlo, the cad, had two valentines! No need for gifts, really! Lazlo's obviously been out and about with TWO girlfriends, so he doesn't deserve a thing! Besides - my attemps at creating a card on his behalf wound up looking like Lazlo made them himself. We would BOTH be too embarrassed to receive a gift for these pitiful efforts!

Your warm wishes work here!!!!! Please don't fret. Your health and the health of your family sure come first!!!!

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Same here Theresa, Sam has a card for Wendy, but he has two other sweeties to send cards too, he won't miss one. And his new little real life girlfriend Bailey is occupying too much of his time to notice.
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Teresa!!!! I am SO sorry to hear that your son has been so sick!!!! My prayers are with him!!!!! I hope he continues to get better!!!! Please let us know how he is doing, my thoughts are with you both!! Poor little guy! It is so hard to see our children so sick and feel so helpless to do anything about it.
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I will be bringing my son to the doctors today for an update as to what they think it is he has. The fever was the worst thing, that and trying to get him to take something to bring it down. My hubby was so funny as he brought home 3 different flavors of fever reducers for the little guy.
Thanks again for all the understanding and please send an address so I can send off gifts!
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