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Great news....

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Remember yesterday I was telling you guys about picking pecans on properties on my own (owner permission of course). Well my first property is a friend that I know. She owns a nice chuck of land. Well when we talked yesterday she just collect them and cash them in then we'll discuss the split. Well she talked to her husband apparently and when I got out there today they told me I can keep all the money I make off of them. No splits. Yay....I will take my first batch to the plant next friday.
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That is so nice of them. Congrats!
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I know I was so shocked. I even told them how much per pound we could make but still they want me to keep the money. When I was coming I stopped at the store to get a candy bar (I needed an energy boost for the night) and I was talking to her daughter. She was like I knew she would do that she's always like that.
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Oh thats really nice.
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That is really nice of them
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excellent news!!
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Wonderful THe world needs more good people like that
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OMG I miss pecans! I grew up with pecan trees in my backyard that had the huge, fresh, paper-shell pecans.

Have you thought of doing mail-order to Canada? I'm serious, I'd love some real pecans and not those red-preservative treated ones on the stores.

BTW you have a kind friend.
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Wow! That's a great deal -- and ooooh pecans... you'll have to make a pie with your own hand-picked pecans! What fun that would be!
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SwampWith I just sent you an email.
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For those who asked or are interested I am doing some research on how much to sale shelled pecans. So if you are interested send me a PM. I never thought about selling them shelled until SwampWitch asked.
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Ok I asked a someone who knows a lot about pecans. What I have right now I have stuart pecans and seedling pecans. Both of them have a good oil content.
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