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Showing housecats

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I read recently that most cat shows have a division for housecats. What do they look for? Is it expensive? (Not that Willie would ever place...he's one fat kitty, and doesn't seem to have that imperious "cattitude")
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they dont have a breed standard to go by. from what i have seen they go by health,condition grooming and a little of something special like a beautiful coat, color,markings,ear tufts,or a big personality.there are probebly other people who know more about it.
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Some cat shows call it the "Morris Award". Overall health, coat quality and disposition are the usual criteria. The cat must be altered and not declawed.
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Well, shoot. Willie's first owner had him declawed. Sorry kiddo, no ribbons for you (like he'd care):tounge2: .
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Hey Willie, check out our Breeders Corner for info on showing cats. Two of our mods, Sandie and Imagyne, can answer your questions for you. They attend and organize shows.

And here's a ribbon for Willie, anyway. No doubt he's best in YOUR show!

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I'd love to get my kitties into that, specially Asim! He's got the nicest fur naturally (I don't have to do a darn thing to it.)

But alas, it IS expensive.
I wanted to show animals myself forever, and I've also wanted to be a handler. A gal can dream.
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Testing... sigh, just can't post that picture
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WillieWZ - I've been gone for a little while...So, I'm trying to catch up with everything going on....So forgive me if you have already answered this question....Do you have some kitty pics posted yet?

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Nope...I may have to put him on his own site and link to it, because I am having NO success with getting one remote-linked here.
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