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Promising Product

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I had a chance to visit with our vet yesterday after Enya's appt. and we got to talking about alternative health care for animals. She told me about a new product designed for pets that she said brought about a miraculous cure in a cat she was treating. This cat's blood count was very low and she just wasn't responding to treatments, so they figured she wouldn't make it. She was very ill. The vet happened to have this product with her and offered to give it to this cat, saying it wouldn't hurt anything to try, but really didn't expect much out of it. Well, the next day this cat was up and about and is doing much better. She was amazed. The product is OPC3. I'm not sure if that's the product name or just the active ingredient. OPC is grapeseed extract and has been used by people for a long time. She'll let me know when she gets some in and I'll let you know more about it when I get some. They make it for dogs and cats.
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Unless I'm missing something, it's a rip off. It's just grapeseed oil for pets? They don't need a special kind, you use the same kind you can find at any health food store.
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Well I have been using GrapeFRUIT Seed Extract for years and have not had any URI showing in my cats. I just drop it in their water and food. But it is nothing special, just a liquid you can buy from a good health food store, bitter as all get out, but highly effective. It has cured both my horses and also keeps my hubby and I from getting colds, flus, etc...I swear by the stuff.

Grape Seed Extract is simply another product with properties to boost up a weak immune system. People have used it for years with great results. Sounds to me like they just put a fancy title on something and will charge you for this miracle cure. I pay $16.95 for GSE and it lasts me 3 months before I have to buy more. It sure has cut down on our vet (and doctor) bills.
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I have a bottle of OPC tablets, but I've never checked to see if it's in a liquid form or capsules. I'm going to check next time I'm at the store. I don't know what the 3 is for in the name either, so I want to check the ingredients when she gets it. It could be that it's in a form that makes it more absorbable and it's flavored for the finicky ones.
I also have grapefruit seed extract. That's what I wiped down our new cat with when we brought him home, in case he was a ringworm carrier. I put it in the dogs water dish too, since all 3 drink out of that bowl.
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