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Can I put a MySpace Blog ....

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link in my signature? I don't know what all the rules are about the links in signatures are, but before I try I thought i'd ask if it's OK.

If it is, how do I go about finding what the link is? I'm Blogging my experiences at the cat shelter and thought some people in here might find it intresting. Any help would be appreciated.
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I think all myspace links have to be through PM

Originally Posted by Deb25 View Post
Hi guys! Lately we have had a number of members posting links to their pages on MySpace. More often than not, those links contain images or language that is not appropriate for a G-rated, family friendly site like TCS. In order to save the mods the work of previewing each and every link to MySpace, I am going to ask that you don't post links to your pages there.

There is a thread where you can put that you do not mind being contacted via PM for the link here
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I'm 99% sure that you can't. You can send you blog to others via PM and somewhere there's a thread of members w/ myspace and other blog accounts.

To find the link go to you Myspace home page. There's a box that will say Hello,_______! and have your profile pic and other links. At the bottom of the box it should say My url: ____web address here____ and that is the link to your page/blog.
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Myspace links are not allowed in signatures, profiles, or posts. Information regarding it is in this thread No myspace or blogs: pm each other that info.
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I found that one out the hard way!!
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OK, that's what I thought, but thanks for confirming it.
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