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Urinary Tract Infection Maybe??? help!

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Well I have 2 cats and a dog. I think my dog might have ringworm because he has a circle with no hair on it on his ear and its kind of scaly red. He has an app. next Thursday. So I am keeping my 2 cats in my room because i do not want them to get ringworm. But I am noticing my cat, Bear, (a neutered male) going to the litter box A LOT today. Just now he ran to it. I am scooping it after he gets out and there is nothing but a small marble size maybe not even that of pee. I am on a limited budget should I get him into the vet?? Should I wait a couple days or a week to see if he's still doing it? If I have to take him in my dog is going to wait. It is literally making me sick just thinking something might be wrong with Bear.

Please any help/advice/feedback would greatly be apperciated.

Thank you!

He is acting normal. Right now e is chasing after my other cat...
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UTI is NOTHING to be fooling around with, especially for a male cat. Charlie had it about a month ago. I noticed him in the litter pan more then normal and nothing was there - he was straining but no pee.

So I got him to the vet the next day - they put him on a special diet (Royal Canin - Urinary) and antibotics for about 10 days.

Charlie, too acted normal in playing around. But if a male gets blocked and cannot pee, he can die within a few days.

Even if you are on a tight budget, he needs to see the vet NOW - not a few days from now, not a week. Hopefully your vet will be willing to do a payment plan or you will have to put it on a credit card. The important thing is he MUST be seen by a vet now.
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Go to the Vet now I lost Frisky that way when I was a kid. He kept going in the pan and my parents said to wait and he died. I have a Cat with a infection right now and she was on Clavamox but her Med was switched to Cephalexin yesterday after being on Clavamox since Nov 28th. Male Cats can bock up fast and die. Coco is on C/D. She hs been for over a year. See if a Vet will take payments you can not wait.
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Like the others have said, please get to the vet ASAP! That is how I lost my cat Woody. He had a UTI and was put on medication for it. He seemed better for a couple days but then I noticed him having trouble urinating again and was just laying around acting unlike himself. I rushed him to the vet, but it was too late, he passed away before we could get there.

Sending lots of vibes for your kitty.
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Thank you all for your replies and Goldenkitty as soon as I seen your post I started making phone calls. I just got back from the vets he does not have a blockage but just a bladder infection with blood in the urine. They percribed him antibotics and since there was crystals in the urine he will be on a speical diet. I know I had a panic attack because the vets kept on saying no payment plans, no payments plans and when I got there they said "oh your sister can come in later to day to pay the bill and get the food and antibotics"

Is a bladder infection the same as a UTI?
Your cats died from just having a UTI or did they have blockage from it or something?

But I am offically relieved!!!!!!!!!!
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Frisky died from a Blockage. My Sisters Cat has what your Cat has 2 times before but he is ok now. Coco my Cat has a Bladder Infection that is very hard to get rid of. What Antibiotics is your Cat getting? Is the Food C/D? I have 2 Cats on C/D. The Meds should help your Cat alot. Coco still has blood in her urine because her infection is bad.
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My sister is picking up his food and meds now. S/d Feline in the cans and Clavamox tablets.

I hope they work. :/
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That should work fast. My Cats have had Clavamox alot of times and it always worked well. Coco throws up from it so she has another Med now.
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I just gave him his first pill.

Does anyone have any tricks to giving pills?

The vet showed me but I don't like sticking it down his throat. Its not pleasant for me or him.

Also is it okay to feed my other cat the s/d as well?

because it is hard separting the 2 and giving them 2 separate foods.
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S/D is not good for the other Cats. I have my Cats seperated to feed them. Coco had S/D for Bladder Stones last year then when the Stones disolved she was put on C/D. You have to put the pills as fur back as you can to make sure they go down. I always get the Liquid because it is easier to give then the Pills. Sometimes you have to massage their necks to get the Pill to go down.
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Bear doesn't like this food. He ate it out of the bowl when i first gave it to him but now he will only lick and eat it out of my hands. Also he is not drinking. I have been filling a syringe with water and giving that to him 4 times a day.

Are there other food brands my vet can give him? I am going on the first to the vet to see about that until then am going to cont. to do what I am doing. We have an appt. on the fourth and thats when the vet will switch the food again. Should I not worry about it as long as hes eating since the food will be switched then??

Also I haven't seen him use the litter box so far today that I know of, but this is the third day he has been on his antibotics. Maybe that doesn't mean anything because I don't think my other cat has used it either. So he should be getting better right?
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Alot of Cats do not like S/D. Coco pulled the same thing at first. The Vet might put your Cat on C/D next. Thats what my Vet did. My Cats dont really like it either.I have not found one they do yet. Coco eats the C/D but yoshi refuses it.
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There was just another thread where someone's vet put the cat on s/d and the cat has been throwing it up. Could just be switching foods - cats have very sensitive stomachs and switching to a new food should be done gradually, by mixing it in with the old food first - and then diminishing the amount of the old food - taking about 5 days to switch over completely to the new food.

Our cats were on X/D for calcium oxalate crystals in the urine and tendencies to bladder infections, but they don't make it anymore, and now they're on C/D. The vet orders C/D in chicken flavor (the wet food), but they seem to really like the C/D dry food too. We can't separate the cats for feeding because we free feed and have six cats. Our vet said feeding all of them the X/D or the C/D is fine. It's been over a year now, and all are doing great. You can also talk to your vet about using the Royal Canin prescription food for urinary tract health. It is a MUCH higher quality food. But there are options out there - just talk to your vet about them first.

In the meantime, you can feed your kitty chicken babyfood as a treat since he doesn't want to eat his prescription food.

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Thanks for the replies!

He drinking all by himself!! yay! I did read some in that other thread but regarding the baby food my concern is when my sister went to pick up the s/d they said that he shouldn't have any other food. He is eatting it but only off my hands and not that much of it. Even when he was on his dry food, he would only eat a little go off somewhere, come back eat a little go off somewhere, etc...So no telling what is normal for him. That medication could make his stomach upset too so maybe he shouldn't be eatting that much anyways.? I am making sure hes getting water though.

I just wish he would get better already.

Also he still hasn't peed...he could have last night because there was a lot of clumps when I woke up though,,,
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Because he was running into the litter box a lot when he was in distress last time, I'd keep on the lookout for that. Because it was an infection and not crystals, it is less likely that he'd be blocked. Every kitty we've had that was blocked let us know there was a problem - by constantly straining to pee. If he doesn't look like he's in discomfort, I'd just keep an eye on him to the extent possible.

I know it's really scarey to think about the potential toxicity of the urine killing him in a day or two if he's blocked - but if you were blocked and you couldn't pee - what would you be doing after 24 hours? Someone would be able to tell there's a problem! You wouldn't be making dinner, doing the laundry, or going to work like normal. You would be in too much discomfort. Keeping an eye on the litter box is a good idea - but with more than one cat, it's more important to keep an eye on the cat.

So your kitty normally eats dry food, not wet food? And the vet gave you prescription wet food? Are you putting out prescription dry food too?

See - cats digestive systems are pre-programmed to eat like your kitty was. Lots of teeney meals frequently. That's the problem (in my mind) with an only wet food diet - you can't leave the food out for them to nibble on the way they normally do.

If he's eating little bits, I guess just keep feeding it to him. I am almost positive the baby food wouldn't be a problem - but maybe our vet has a different opinion on this than yours, or maybe there's something about his infection I just don't know. Plain chicken - boiled plain or as baby food with no additives - is pretty universally considered plain, neutral food for a cat that isn't allergic to it (and most aren't).

It was just that when our cats had to go on the prescription diet, we badgered the vet - NOTHING but the food? NO TREATS of any kind? No shrimp? No chicken? Not even baby food? He laughed - and said plain chicken or baby food - veal, beef or chicken for our crew - would make a good treat replacement. We divide up one jar between the six of them once every other day as a treat - and we mix a little bit of warm water into it.

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Thank you for your post LDG. You eased my worries a little. When I go back to the vet I will ask about the baby food. I think the reason why the vet prescribed wet is because he was a little dehydrated. He also had A LOT of crystals. The vet said he it was very close to being blocked. I guess thats where my worry comes to play. I have Bear in a room with a cat box by himself so I can make sure I know when he pees.
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He peed! He peed! It was a good size pee clump too! He didn't look like he was straining either!
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WAY TO GO BEAR! (You have to love a site when you're getting excited about PEE! )

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double post lol
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YIPPY for pee
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Thats awesome!! I lost a kitty to this problem so its always nice to hear someone else catching it in time!! Good work meowmy!!
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