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Daily Thread TGIF Dec 28!

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Good morning everyone
One more day of work for me and then back to my sisters I mom isn't leaving until Sunday so I have to get all the time in I can.

Hopefully its not busy today at work..I love the holiday time of year because of the slow workdays..and there are only 2 of us in, so it should be almost fun.

Well have a great day folks And an amazing New Years if I don't talk to ya'll before then
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Morning! I am headed to CT today. Long drive! I am still waiting on my package from DHL, but at least it has been found after 2 days! Have a good weekend everyone!
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Yea for short work weeks! I've only worked 2 days this week.

This morning I woke up with a bad sore throat. I've been showing signs all week, but this is the first time I FEEL sick. Ugh. So much for drinking at New years...looks like I may be drinking fuzzy navels (vitamin C and its an antiseptic )
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good evening, hope everyone has a nice day,,
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Good morning!

I love weeks like that... 2 days of work after a 5 day weekend. It should always be like that.

Things at work are really quiet, so the days are a little boring. At least my camera has been shipped, so I should have it next week. Woohoo!!
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Good morning.

Well I slept on it, but I still haven't made a decision about the job problems. See my "In a Pickle" thread. I got up early because it jumped first and foremost to my mind when I opened my eyes to roll over because I was hot.

I got a text message from my Mother saying my step-Sister is in town with the baby again. Don't know if I'll get a chance to see them. She doesn't usually stay for predictable amounts of time.
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Good morning!...
Today begins a long weekend!
the unique bad stuff I´m at work tomorrow....
To those who going to shop or to visit to someone in another state, drive carefully!

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Morning All!

I am a bit on the tired side this morning, feel like I am coming down with a cold. Hope not, I'll have to get my echinacea tea going today and see if I can ward it off.

Heading off to work shortly, not to much on my agenda today, a few purchase orders, and phone call so hopefully be done by 4. I have a few errands to do after that then home for a quiet evening.

Kitties are good, all snuggled in the new beds they got for Christmas sleeping.

Everyone have a good day
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Hope you have a good friday!!!!

Tomorrow we are having a soup supper at my granny's. I guess I'm supposed to make and bring a soup . I have a bag a dried soup stuff that you just add water and cook. I think I'll make that
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Well my boss just decided we are closed until wednesday of next week after we close tonight. It's such a small office he can do that and none of our clients are open durring the holidays so it's all good!

I am planning to get out to see some freinds either on new years or before because I havn't seen many of my friends in the last month or so. I also might get out to see a movie or somthing I got PAID today so I'm all happy!

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Good afternoon all! Another rainy day today, but luckily it's not too cold out.

It's a short weekend this week, yay! John usually has Saturday, Sunday & Monday off work. But his office is giving him Tuesday off, so he has to work Monday. It sounds bad but I enjoy short weekends!
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Today I have to work 3:30-9. Its my first day back since Christmas and I am not looking forward to it. I went in there yesterday to get some cat food and it was really busy.

Tonight, I think I am going to watch one of the movies I got for Christmas. I think all together between me and my boyfriend we got about 17. 10 of them are James bond though (he got the first 2 box sets).
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Today i was off work, so i woke up this morning and just hung out with Colin a little bit looking at homes for sale online (we're still trying to pick out our new home at the moment.) After that i helped him pack and then he left to go on his trip to Mobile,Al to see his family for a few days. Oh my goodness i miss him soooooooo much already- he's my best friend, so i hate it when he's away

The rest of the day i just hung out on TCS for a little and watched some tv. I'm just taking it easy today. I cooked some homemade chicken noodle soup earlier and cought up on some housework.

Tonight i'm going to do a little laundry and maybe take a nice long bath.

Tomorrow i have to go back to work- when i get ready to leave for the day i think i might take a shelter animal or two home with me while Colin's out of town. It'd be good to get some of them out of the shelter for a few days and get them in a nice home where they can be socialized a little bit. So i'll probably take him a short term foster baby or two tomorrow (what Colin doesn't know won't hurt him)
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Nikki, my mother most have heard how I excited I was that you made soup cause she just finished making some. LOL

I did nothing today. Just relaxing and watching some weird shows on tv.
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Worked all day today.........and yesterday.........and the 24th....and will be working all day the 31st! Hope everyone has a great weekend!
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Gotta love these short weeks. Wish it was like this all the time. I'm off now till next thursday.

Have a great evening everyone.
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