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Cat aggression. Need some serious advice.

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Ok, here's the story. Back in February of 2007 my husband left for a job site that would only allow me to see him on the weekends. Around that first week alone, I found 2 little kittens in the woods being mauled to death by a bunch of stray adult cats. They were about 10 weeks old at the time. The sound was horrible...

So, I took them home. They weren't too messed up as I able to get to them in time. They were both boys, brothers that looked like twins. One was more open and sweet than the other. The bigger kitten was absolutely terrified of the litter box and would always poop in the middle of my bath-tub drain. He wanted nothing to do with me, or anything else for that matter, so after a week of this struggle, I gave him to my local humaine society. I kept his brother, who was stuck to me like glue. Whenever I slept, he always found a way to get into my arms.

It's now about to be January. He's a year old. Things have changed alot in this cat in the past month. I've been wanting to get him a playmate for a long time now... My roommate got a cat around august, 3 years old, and L.A.Z.Y as rock... Kiba gets along great with him... but they don't play because Mr. Lazy does nothing...

We have a neighbor with a big white tom cat that Kiba always gets into serious cat fights with. Keeping my cat inside is like trying to keep water in a strainer....IMPOSSIBLE. So a fight is always expected. MY cat is fixed, but my neighbors won't get their tom cat fixed at all. So, my cats both indoor and outdoors. I have fostered a few kittens and he loved the kittens, played with them, even protected them... So I know my cat can get along with other cats, minus the solid white Tom nextdoor.

Last month... I rescued a 10 month old kitten who was on deathrow in 7 days. He was left to die after his owners moved away and the neighborhood he was dumped in used him as BB gun target practice. I spent 2 weeks healing his wounds. I found him because a woman tried to dump him in the shelter I was at and they said they were full and he would be put down after no one claimed him in 7 days. She told me the story and the wounds were there to prove some of it... so, I have him.

Kiba normally takes about 1 weeks to adjust to new cats... but this is so not the case... It's been 1 month and they are always getting into spats. I am having to pull fur from Kiba's claws everyday...

What makes me wonder is if the fighting is because Kiba is relating Kye (the new cat) to the white Tom cat next door. You see Kye is also almost solid white like the tom.. He is also not fixed (we plan on that soon).

Kye's melted into our hearts, he's the most loving cat I have ever met in my LIFE. He watches movies with us, he has to sleep in our arms, on top of us, by our pillow... He's got to be where the family is. He's is a straight up family cat. BUT he would not be so good with kids because he does not like to be pushed around...

Now, to clear things up, I only giv Kye my utmost attention when Kiba is outside and not around to see and get jealous. I do the same for Kiba when Kye is also absent from the house. When they are together we give them both equal attention. They get equal treats, equal attention, equal praise and play time... we also try to encourage them to play together but that really never works out...

They...tolerate eachother... but they fight about 4 times a day and when that happens, Kiba screams bloody murder everytime... It's hard to tell whats going on or who starts it.....

What's even more confusing is that I have seen them so many, many times almost sleeping together, with maybe 2 inches between the two. they also seem to want to play with eachother, but its always at the wrong times and never at the SAME time and then a playfull intention gets ugly...

Kye once tried to give a friendly sniff and Kiba went bolistic. Kiba layed down next to kye and Kye pounced on him and started a fight. Kye tried to lick Kiba's leg and Kiba slapped at him... are a few examples...

Kiba came first. he will always be in the family as its his rightful spot... but Kye is also becoming part of the family... is there not anything we can do to stop the fighting? Worst case is that we give up Kye... Not something I wish to do. I want him part of the family...

Sorry this is soo soo soooooo long...but I figured the more detailed I get, the better ppl would understand whats going on.

Kiba has become less loving with us and spends alot more time away from the house, or hiding under the bed. He also no longer sleeps with us in the bed, even after we started putting Kye in another room at night so that Kiba could have space back... He's.... just not the same...
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The simple presence of the tom cat is going to cause stress and aggression. The fact that you don't keep yours indoors doesn't help, but sometimes when there is a stray around the house of indoor kitties, it causes extreme stress and changes in behavior. I would really try harder to keep yours indoors if this threat is there, or your going to end up with a seriously injured kitty!
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The problem is very likely that the kitty you just adopted is not fixed. It will take a month or more for the hormones to cycle out of his system once he is fixed - so doing it as soon as possible will probably help resolve the problem sooner rather than later.

In the meantime, rub the new kitty all over with a towel, and put it under whatever dish Kiba uses to eat out of. If you have more than one feeding station, put a "new kitty" scented towel under all of them.

Kiba isn't happy with the new Tom in the house - and his behavior is letting you know that. One of our kitties takes six months to stop hissing and fighting with new cats and it's a year before everything is more or less back to normal.

Get the new kitty neutered. Do the scent thing - get Kiba to associate new kitty smell with good things.

Do your best to give Kiba extra attention. He is the resident and existing cat - the new kitty needs to adjust to him, and you need to give Kiba as much reassurance as you can.

If he's up for extra play, do that. 15 minutes of alone play time (close a door and be alone in a room with him) at a minimum. At the end of the play time, put a "new kitty" scented towel out with treats on it. This, too, will help Kiba associate new kitty with good things.

Make sure Kiba knows he's loved, give him lots of extra attention - get new kitty neutered - and give Kiba time.

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