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This is not my dog We just hired a new person and she has no one to care for him during the day so she brings him to work and leaves him in her car part of the day.

He is 10 weeks old, 15 pounds and is half English Bulldog and half Boston Terrier. He is a complete sweetheart! I call him the "furry brick"

This is so you can see how big he is
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OMG!! What a DOLL!!!
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He is very handsome

(She leaves him in her car?? )
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aw, what a cutie! Is it safe to leave him in her car like that?
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Awww, he is adorable!!
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he is adorable, I don't think I would leave him in the car
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I know, we all worried about the car, too. Even though she parks just outside the window where she can see him, he has spent most of the time inside the office with us (at our insistance). Our big boss isn't at all happy about it. He has his kennel in the car so he naps there for an hour or so. The temps here have been in upper 30s to low 40s so he isn't hot.

Today, he's been in the office since 8am and doing well As long as the boss doesn't kick him out, things should be okay.

Not sure why someone would get a new puppy without a back up plan when they are job searching? But, he is just downright adorable
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He's cute - but he'll be cute and dead soon if she keeps leaving him in the car. Outside temperatures have no bearing whatsoever on the temperature inside a car. I am very shocked by this. Better to leave him at home in one safe room with everything he needs than in the car.
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I have been talking with her about this. He was in the office for 6 hours today then she put him back in the kennel when he wore out so he could sleep. He is okay in the Jeep, just lonely. She tries to keep him warm in there but I think it is too cold.

She was searching for doggy day care places today that she may be able to afford. Many won't take a pup that young. I spoke with her about setting up a safe place at home, perhaps kitchen on the tile floor, where he could be safe. She lives too far away to check on him at lunch break. She doesn't want to leave him alone because he is so young yet.

Anyway, this thread is about his pics I'll let you all know what she comes up with
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I think she was also snowwed about that would be the biggest bulldog / boston ... he will likely be 85-95lbs...Poor puppy ... no friend with at least a yard ??
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
I think she was also snowwed about that would be the biggest bulldog / boston ... he will likely be 85-95lbs...Poor puppy ... no friend with at least a yard ??
I thought he was awfully big for those breeds, too. Bulldogs are wide, not so tall. Bostons are not big. He is already a big guy and only 10 weeks.
I asked her about a friend, relative, someone who is home all day. She said no one wants to puppysit. Lousy planning all the way around. Not sure what more to suggest other than a dog sitting service.
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Wow he is big!!!! But oh my word is he ever cute!!!!!!!!!!!!
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He could be a Boxer mix, but he is 100% adorable. I have a woman come to my house to walk my dogs twice a week. Perhaps she could find a responsible college student to walk him everyday? Or find an insured/bonded dog walker? He really shouldn't go to a doggie daycare yet because I'm assuming he hasn't had all his shots yet due to his age. She wouldn't want him to pick up something from the other dogs.
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what a cutie!
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