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Temp. switch raw to dry...?

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Only one of my cats is on raw (and doing very well) but Im wondering if anyone knows if a temporary switch to all dry food would be ok? He actually still eats some dry now because I keep out food for the rest of my cats so it wouldnt be a complete shock to him. Im moving across the country and its gonna be a little tricky (not to mention possibly messy and germy) to try to take raw food with me...any suggestions?
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I dont have any suggestions but would like to say bless your heart for being willing to move your cats with you!! There was one on here not to long ago that wasn't going to, and it was heartbreaking!

I have never done the raw diet thing so Im not quite sure how it all works, but I think dry has complete nutrition for the most part??? How long is the trip across country going to take??
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Which brand of raw?? if Natures variety just pick up some freeze dried it is the raw and you can add water at the meal time....

It is not hard but it can be very hard on the digestive tract to go from raw to dry
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I cant imagine not taking my cats! People keep telling me to just leave them behind, I tell them it would be like leaving a baby behind but they just dont seem to get it . Since its the middle of winter and Ive got two dogs (which means longer potty breaks) Im hoping we can get it done in 10 days or less.
I make my own cat food and make it into 1oz patties so it probably wouldnt be terribly hard to take if I prepackage in some sort of throw away tubs and keep lots of ice on hand. I was just sort of thinking that since he eats about half dry still and it might be difficult to find chicken hearts once I get there (not to mention having to take my grinder and bowls and stuff with me) that it would be easier to give him all dry for a month or so.
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check out this site ...

www.barfdirect.com and see if any of the freeze drieds mimic your recipe
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Oh good idea! The Natures Variety looks like it might be all right, there are a lot of veggies in it though (+ turkey) and my cat food is just chicken (and chicken organs) with no veg. It also says
Nature’s Variety Chicken Formula Freeze Dried Raw for Dogs and Cats is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only. and since I might be on the road for two weeks that might become a problem.
But Im thinking canned food might be good, there are a few brands on the Barf site so they should be high quality and the higher moisture content would be there...sound like a good idea?
Actually I just looked at the ingredients of those two canned foods listed on the Barf site...boy if I bought those Id be eating it, calamari?! Anyhow, Natures Variety has a canned food that looks a little more basic. http://www.naturesvariety.com/conten...9896yLx19099C4
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if the raw eater eats some dry now the freeze dry would be fine... depending how senistive your kitty is canned may not work ...
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