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need help with sick kitty

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My mom has cat who has suddenly gotten ill, she slept most of the day but did not seem bad. Tonight, however, she is lathargic and has peed on herself a couple of times. This cat is normally close to feral (she was rescued as a kitten and she just never got used to people) but tonight I can touch her and even pick her up. She growls when I hold her though, but then, thats normalish for her. She won't eat or drink. I know that we need to get her to the vet. We are trying but it is looking like it might be morning before we will be able to take her anywhere. In the mean time, does anyone have any suggestions? What could this be? She was tested for leukemia and aids and those were negative and she is fully vacinated. Hopefully we will get her to a vet but I want to do what I can for now.
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I am bumping this up so others with more experience may see it.

The only suggestion I have is a vet asap. She sounds very ill. How is her breathing, her eyes, her breath? Could she have gotten into some bad food or something poisonous? It could be almost anything

Sorry I am not much help. Please let us know how things go for her. Sending lots of healthy vibes
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Have you gotten into the vet yet? It could be anything from a blockage to some kind of infection. Hope she's on the mend soon!!

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My cat, Penelope currently has similar symptoms to the one you described and she is now at the vet after being in the emergency room for 2 nights. It is suggested to me that she might have FIP (pending some tests). She has had a high fever (105 degrees) and fluid in her abdomen which are symptoms of that disease. So take her to the vet NOW. I don't mean to alarm you, but it might be very serious.
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How is the kitty now? Did you ever get her to the vet?

I'm hoping that everything is ok with her now.
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How is kitty now?? Any improvement?? When a cat wets themselves that is a very bad sign.... She needs a vet now! Do you have any emergency vets?? I would get her in asap!
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