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Crinkly candy wrappers

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OK I got one. If you unwrap one of those candies (like Lindor truffles) Brady comes RUNNING from wherever he is in the house. He expects us to roll it into a little ball and then he plays with it for about 1/2 hr. I don't buy cat toys anymore-he loves those candy wrappers so much!
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I think we have a huge pile of those under the refrigerator. Lucy loves them though it is only about 3 minutes worth of play before under the refrigerator.
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Mine all love to play with candy wrappers. Also paper balls... if they see me with a piece of paper they go nuts until I ball one up and give it to them to play with.
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Lol. This is funny because my cat Ratchet (otherwise known as "trashcat") will find the most random things to carry around. He come running for the plastic off the Starbucks iced coffee though. He will carry that around for hours. Goober.
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The sound of a bag of doritos makes Holden come running! He loves balled up paper too.
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Blossom comes running whenever she hears scrunching paper.
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Roxy will appear from anywhere and look at you expectantly and all excited if she hears the rustle of tin foil! You have to make it into a ball and throw it for her, she will play with it for ages! She even carrys it in her mouth! Tin foil against teeth!
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Bella & Stan think any crinkling, foil, wrapper-type things must either contain their food, or are intended to be their toys...imagine how disappointed they are when DH goes to eat a potato chip
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squishy loves kroger bags, wrappers, paper bags, and boxes. we got her a crinkle tunnel thats 5 foot long she has a blast with it. anything that makes noise attracts her attention. Also we are aquarist and have alot of aquariums throughout the whole house most are full but a few still are empty, we have found that one of her most famous places to lay is inside of one of our empty tanks that is on the top shelf of the stand it sits on. it has no gravel in it so she can see thru the bottom of it into the turtle tank that is below it. she will spend hours on end in there just watching the turtles.
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