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I just ordered a Dyson!

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I am soooo nervous. I just ordered a Dyson from a website. It is an authorized seller of Dysons according to the Dyson website, so I hope it gets here without a problem! I ordered a Dyson DC17 Absolute Animal

Please send online ordering
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Wooo Whoo!!!! You'll love it! That turbine head for the furniture is absolutely amazing! Plus if you have a cat like mine that doesn't mind the vacuum, it even makes a great cat brush!
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My girls are terrified of our current upright, but they don't mind the Roomba. They lay in the middle of the room and Junior (the Roomba) just bumps into them...

I don't know what they will think of the Dyson.
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Great! Enjoy your new Dyson
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I hear they are excelent.
My dad bought my mom a Bissil Pet for Christmas she loves it, in one room she got enought fur in the canister to apolster a new dog. It was amazing!
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Congratulations! So many people say they love the Dyson that I'm sure you won't be disappointed.
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Congratulations!!! We just got one with a zero percent financing deal and it's amazing. I not only vaccumed with my Hoover before using it, but I also shampooed my carpet. After doing both of these things I still had to change my Dyson canister twice while doing my living room- and I live in an apartment! These things are amazing.
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I was impressed with our Dyson at first, then the suction went down. We discovered it was the wrong filter we were cleaning (it needed cleaning also), however, make sure you clean the right one! The suction works great now!! They are great!
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i'd love one of these, my cat's can't stand the hoover though LOL! well, Sparkle doesn't seem to mind, but Glamorous LOL, oh no no no she hates it & runs off behind the sofa
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I am SO envious!!! Let us know how you like it!
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