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I am forcing some bulbs which have not attracted any attention yet, but what about when they bloom? Are these toxic to kitties?
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I found them listed as toxic here:
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You could try getting some hardware/hail cloth and make a removable cage that would sit over the pot and plant, with a top to it of course. This way you don't have to worry or get rid of the plants.
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just be sure they don't poke through. I love paperwhites but just have decided to not chance it.
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But what if the kitty decides to knock it over?? Then they have access to toxic plants! I had to get rid of some plants I love because they are just not as important as my kitties! If you can find a way for them to stay out of them it might be okay but kitties are curious and if they sence you are trying to keep them away from something they will probably figure out how to get to it! Good luck and let us know!
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Thanks for the info, I will just bring them into work, or put them on the mantle where they don't go. Probably to work, I think they are too big for the mantleplace. No problema, they haven't bloomed yet. thanks again
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