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Things have changed in the last six months!

For starters, I don't have to keep making new siggys, since the cat pictures now appear by the side of my username. It almost seems redundant now to put a picture of my new Christmas baby here now, but old habits die hard.

I present to you: Shelby. For complete information, simply click on the middle photo above! (What a great idea!)

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Shelby is adorable!!
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Hello Shelby!!!! You are a baby doll!!!
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hello you beautiful baby! Will love watching you grow up!
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look at that face!!! such a gorgeous girl
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Hi Shelby! I just wanna sqeeze that face. How cute is she!
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Awww! She's adorable. I don't see anything wrong with her nose!
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What a sweetheart!

And I also think her nose looks gorgeous!
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what a sweet little kitty!!!
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