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Bella & Stan

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I had the camera out and the dynamic duo were feeling photogenic...
Stan couldn't decide if he wanted to be standing

or seated...

he then decided he wanted to use the filters and get an old timey photo

Bella wanted to show off her new collar, but not an angle that made her butt look big...

too formal. maybe this...

or, now you can't see the collar...

Then the diva got tired and ended our session...
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very pretty pictures!!
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what cuties, they pose very nicely
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Gorgeous kitties!!
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Awww! They look so happy!
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AWWW!! Happy kittys!!
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Awww how cute! They both posed for some great pictures
post #8 of 11 gotta love when they ham it up!
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Great pics. I love fluffy grey cats.
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They are acouple of cuties!! love Bella's chubby cheeks
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Bella is too much! Stan is very handsome!
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