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Got a great present for Xmas!

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Hi all, I got a Nikon D40 for Christmas and I have to say.....WOW. Who of you out there has one? Have you found any tricks or tips that help you take pics of your kitties?

I have been reading and reading to see how to best use this camera but of course the manual doesn't have a section "How to take pictures of your pets in low light" .

I did get a couple of nice pictures and I'll post them to the cat site after dinner.

Until then.......
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that sounds a terrific gift of Chritsmas!
For sure you´ll going to take some good pic´s!
show us!!
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Way cool!! I want a new digital camera so bad!!!
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I am waiting for the pictures
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did you see them in the fur pictures forum?
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Originally Posted by Renovia View Post
did you see them in the fur pictures forum?
I did they are lovely
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If you want to take pictures in low light, you're going to have to go into the manual settings. I don't have a Nikon, I have a Canon, so I can tell you what to do, just not how to do it!

Two things are going to affect how much light gets gathered...your ISO ("film" speed), and aperature (f/stop). Check your manual on how to change the ISO...the higher the ISO, the faster the "film" speed. The higher the ISO, the lower the light can be. If you're shooting in very low light, crank the ISO up as high as you can, which on my camera is 1600, but it may be higher or lower on your camera.

The other setting is aperature. This is just the opposite of ISO. The lower the aperature, the more light gets let in. Your lowest aperature depends on your lens. If you have a "kit" lens, which means the one that came with the camera, your aperature probably only goes as low as 3.5 or 4. Again, check your manual on how to override to set it as low as possible. Eventually you might want to purchase a lens with a lower f/stop if you find you need to gather more light. I have a lens whose lowest f/stop is 1.8...they go as low as 1.2 I believe.

The combination of a high ISO, and a low aperature should allow you to shoot in lower light conditions. Good luck!
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I've been trying stuff like that and I'm getting some noise, haven't found a good medium road yet. Nor have I been able to navigate quick enough to capture stuff!!!!!!
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That is so cool. I got a new camera too. It's a canon - had to get it because my old canon I just LOVED wasn't compatible with my new computer.
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compatibility issues stink.
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I am sooooo jealous! Awesome gift!
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Wow, cool present! I don't really know much about cameras but it sounds great, I'll go look at the pics in a minute.
I got a new digital camera too, I've already taken a video of Roxy in the christmas tree!
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I love your sig Jessy........
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Ooh congratulations! I read good things about this model when I was researching buying DH a camera for Christmas I bought him a Nikon D80

He's found there are some great online tutorials on nikon's website (think that is where) you might want to check these out - showing photos taken under various conditions, lists the camera's settings to get that result etc.

Enjoy your new camera!
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thank you! will definitely look into that.
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We have the D80 and love it! I found the Nikon was much easier to use, and buttons in much better places than the Canon. We also got a DVD from the local camera store on how to use the D80 - there was one for the D40 as well, so I would recommend getting that to help show you how to use all the functions of the camera.

Have fun!
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Thanks! I'll look into that.


We just bought a new living room set! Ours was over ten years old so it was time. Plus our current set was blue and our walls were blue...WAY too much blue and I liked my walls.

Here is the link to what we got :

we got a sofa, loveseat and the armless chair.
it will be delivered next month.
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