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Really, I haven't been gone that long

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When you are gone for a few hours and come back do your cats act like you've been gone for days? Popsie will rub on me and love me up like crazy. It's really quite cute.
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Sometimes. Sho will jump up on DH lap when he gets home from work and whenever we've been away for a few hours - we get both cats climbing, sniffing, and rubbing on us. ...Then they ask for food.
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Seamus does that all the time... when I get home from work, most days first thing is standing at my feet for hugs... especially when I get home a little later than usual...

The past few days I've been home a lot... Since Friday evening I've been home the majority of the time, trying to sleep off this nasty cold (finally gone I think), I was only out a good chunk of time on Christmas Day, so he's been pretty indifferent towards me because I'm here. Today, I went to my parents' for the day to do laundry and I went out with my brother, from 10:30 to about 8:30... he sat at my feet until I picked him up and gave him hugs. I can't complain, he's been a brat the past few days and hasn't wanted much affection, I appreciated it today!
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Sometimes. Especially Abby. But sometimes she just stays on the chair, opens one eye as if to say "oh it's you!" and then goes back to sleep.

Chynna is pretty deaf (not completely though), so unless she is sleeping in the living room she doesn't usually hear me come in. I will go and seek her out when I do come home, just to make sure she is ok and to give her a hug and some kisses.
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I just talked to my boyfriends sister, who we gave one of our kittens to, and she was telling us about when she came back after she had left her cat at her parents after 3 days. She said one of Ushy's pupil was completely constricted but the other one was fine. Sounded to me like some sort of aneurysm or stroke or something. That sounds like some major "I miss mom" sickness. The next day she was completely normal though. Crazy.
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Every day when I come home from work Holden is at the door meowing and looking for affection. he is very vocal about it too.
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