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oh no...

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Sadie got out about 5 weeks ago and she was out all night we couldnt catch her she would get close but run from us if we tried to catch her I even put out cans of food hoping to catch her eating no luck there either...Her stomach now looks like she has a little tennis ball in it and the earlest spay apt I can get is 1/18/08 I do not want to get her spayed if she is that far along by then she would be almost due and I would spay or neuter the kittens before going to their new homes like I did Spahiras Kittens...but i was wondering what signs I should look for other then a rounded tummy and pink nipples...
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Does she have the pinked, enlarged nipples yet?? Is her appetite increased at all? Does she have morning sickness?? (that can happen all day long though) Extra cuddly? Likes one certain spot recently??
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has she become more loving??
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deffinately more loving, nipples are slightly pink and she likes her sides rubbed and seems to be always hungry...
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Chances are that she IS pregnant rather then not. I'd have a vet exam her and then decide what is the best course of action. How old is this cat - if she's pregnant at under 8 months of age, you still may want to abort the kittens and spay her now, rather then risk complications at a young age.
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Ive had kittens have kittens before. The only problem we had was there was one kitten that went overdue and had to have a c-section which wasn't bad because they spayed her at the same time! Their bodies are not fully developed so there is a risk of things going wrong... I am one that doesn't believe in the "spay/abort" process even though I understand why it needs to be done sometimes! I would get a vet to check her over, due an x-ray or an ultra sound to see what you got in there! Please let us know! We love kittens!
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If she was unspayed & got out, it's about 99% that she's pregnant. In a couple weeks they should be able to see skeletons on x-ray...
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Oh If they take an ultra sound or an xray, you should post the pic of it! That would be wonderful!! That is, if you're going to have the kittens! We wont fault you either way!! I just request pics cuz Im a kittenholic!! Right along with chocaholic!! (they should make a support group for that, really someone should!)

Good luck to you and kitty, and possibly kittens!! Please let us know whats
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PJ & Punky's mom was a kitten who had kittens. As a result, they're "special" kitties, & very sickly all the time. Sometimes, you really need to spay them, no matter how far along.
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