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Persi has become a mother!

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Of course Persi is a male cat. But a new, 10 week old kitten appeared in this house on Christmas Eve.

I had set up the "safe room" just like I had done for the other cats. But when there is a new cute kitten in the house and about a dozen family members in the house, fat chance of keeping the kitten restrained to the room. Now I do not bother with the safe room because Shelby runs freely through the house watching everything Persi does. When Shelby is not following Persi, then Persi is following Shelby. The other cat just sits and observes which is an improvement from hiding under the bed as she did all of Christmas from the new ferocious kitten.

When Persi was one year old, I switched him from kitten to cat food. I thought I was being sly by mixing in 10% of the new food and increase that each day. Persi would pick out all the adult food and leave the kitten food behind. So much for that. But now he sneaks in and eats the kitten's food. Go figure.

The big news came this morning when DW rushed into me and announced that Shelby had followed Persi into the big covered litterbox that the two adults share. Shelby has her own smaller uncovered litterbox. I went running into where the big litterbox was and pulled off the top to find little kitten poop! Persi had taught her to crawl into and use the big box. Guess I will soon totally dismantle the safe room. My only worry now is that Persi will teach her how to eat the "big cat's" food. In the past, I never worried about such things since I free feed both big cats.

Anyway, Persi is doing a great job of being a mother. At ten weeks the kitten was a little young to leave its real mom, but after all, it was Christmas Eve.
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That's so cute! Lucky took over the father role with Spunky. He taught him how to play
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that is wonderful that your kitties are getting along so well! Pooka has taught our new baby Ezekiel all kinds of naughty things to do --basically everything we try to get her not to do--now she has an partner in crime!
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Persi better not hear you call him a Mommy!! I call my male "mother figures" Uncles, it sounds a little more manly

That is so cute though
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That is very cute!
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aww ... I do agree Uncle or daddy is better
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You could try putting the adult cats food up on a table.

I've found that laid back male cats tend to make great mother cats - maybe that should be foster mother cats? Those that foster kittens and have a big gentle male will probably agree.

It sounds like Persi has found his calling, does he groom Shelby and let her sleep with him too?
How is Alley behaving towards the new kitten?
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aw that is cute, Persi is being a good caregiver. hopefully he will only teach the kitty good things.
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Originally Posted by mbjerkness View Post
aw that is cute, Persi is being a good caregiver. hopefully he will only teach the kitty good things.
I am just getting the sweetest mental picture

Good job Persi!
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Fred raised every kitten that we had, and a couplre that he brought home himself. He was the best cat daddy I have ever seen. I never had to teach them anything because Fred would take care of it, and give them the occasional bop on the head if someone was not minding their manners.
Paternal cats are so precious.
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