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RIP Lizzie

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I learned on Christmas Eve that Lizzie, a beautiful semi-feral calico girl, from the same colony as my Gracie, was severely injured after being attacked by a raccoon a couple of weeks ago. Lizzie was close to 10 years old and had a good life being cared for by a friend of mine, who also fed and provided shelter for several other spayed females. Lizzie was fearful of most humans, but had come to trust my friend and would approach her for attention. Fortunately, Lizzie was taken to the vet immediately after the attack, where she was able to pass peacefully with my friend at her side. RIP beautiful girl. You were loved.
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Rest In Peace Lizzie.
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oh no RIP Lizzie
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Rest in Peace Beautiful Lizzie Thankfully she didn't have to suffer too long...
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Rest In Peace, Lizzie.

I have a beautiful girl named Lizzie at the RB too and I'm sure she'll be happy to show you around.
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Oh no!

RIP Lizzie.
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Play Happily over the Rainbow Bridge Lizzie.
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RIP lovely Lizzie! Play Happily Over the Bridge without pain or discomfort! Say Hi to Glitch for me and tell him I love him!!

Im glad she got to go peacefully were her Bean by her side! (human being= bean)
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RIP Lizzie.
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I'm sorry for your friend's loss of such a beautiful girl that had learned to trust her.
It's good that Lizzie was able to pass peacefully in her arms.
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Oh Lizzie, may you rest in peace sweety..and know that you were loved
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RIP Lizzie. Play happily over the bridge.
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Lizzie was loved.
Rest in peace little darling.
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I'm so sorry Eileen

Have a wonderful time at the bridge Lizzie

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Its so hard when a loved kitty has to leave before her time. I'm sorry that Lizzie is not with your friend anymore.
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You were loved Lizzie, may you Rest in Peace.
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