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At last!!

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With all the Christmas visitors out the way Minnie can get back to her own spot, a special moment for us really. Not because she is relaxing but its the first time she has trusted us to stroke her belly for as long as we wanted too without her lashing out with her back legs when we have tried before. Her confidence is growing daily and she is nearly as chilled as our beloved Amber who is never far away in our thoughts
Here is Minnie

And our Amber RIP

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Aww they are both so beautiful Love those kitty tummies
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yes, I would say that that is very relaxed kitty!!
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I love the bellies!!!
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Well, doesn't she look cozy! That's one of my favourite kitty poses
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Awww, very sweet kitties!
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She does look comfy and relaxed Beautiful lady
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sleepy time!
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very sweet!
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