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Something is wrong

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Hi all. My very 1st cat Kaley who is now 15 is under the bed drooling at the mouth. What is wrong with her? She wont come out or eat. I am going to call the vet soon. Any ideas? Is this the beginning of her dying or something?
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She's sick. Call the vet, it could be anything.
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First, I'm moving this to health and nutrition for you where it will get the proper attention.

I think your cat needs to be seen a vet asap. Did she eat something toxic? I'm no expert, but I would take her to an emergency clinic if your vet can't get her in right away.

I hope she is ok, please keep us posted.
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I also say that she gets to the vet asap. Possible illness, more likely that she ingested something toxic however. Often cats will drool/foam at the mouth when they are under sever stress. Even if she's hiding out under your bed, something to her could be stressing her out. Really at this point it could be anything.

Good luck! Hope it's nothing serious.
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I hope it's something that can be easily treated. How is Kaley doing now?
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Any news yet?
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A question for you...
Do you get her teeth cleaned often? My first cat Mimi(now in Kitty Heaven) started drooling really bad one night. It totally freaked me out and didn't know what to do. The poor thing...her tongue was hanging out of her mouth and drool was running out of her mouth. I took her to the Vet ASAP and they found that she had 2 rotten teeth. Since I was uneducated about cats & oral health, I didn't realize that her teeth were so bad. The Vet removed the two bad teeth and cleaned the rest of them good...and the problem with drooling was solved. But like everyone has said, it could be a number of things. I really hope she is ok and that you've taken her to the Vet. This site is very educational and I've learned so much from it. I've learned that cats do not always show their pain and they could be under extreme pain that you might not even know of. So, I urge you to take her to the Vet as soon as possible...this could be very dangerous for her.
Please keep us posted with how she is doing and the outcome. You both are in my thoughts and prayers right now...I'm praying that she'll be ok.
Best Wishes
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Thanks for your thoughts. She is fine. The vet said she probably ate something that did not agree with her or she is stressed. We just rescued 3 new cats and she does not seem to be very happy about it. She is eating and coming out from the bed, so she seems fine.
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