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Coco is still sick

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She finished all four boxes of Clavamox but and Peed. Now she keeps getting in the pan trying to pee. I dont think the infection is gone. The vet is at 12:40 today. Last time she had this it took 2.5 months to get rid of.
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aw poor CoCo
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Please, talk to your vet about two things:
1. As this may not be the correct antibiotic for Coco's infection, to do a culture and sensitivity test to find the correct antibiotic for the infection.
2. Many vets insist on a urinalysis one or two days after medication (antibiotic) is finished to make sure a bacterial infection is indeed gone. If your vet didn's suggest doing one, please talk to him/her about doing one.

One other thing comes to mind. Perhaps what you're seeing now is caused by inflammation. If that's the case, a short course of antiinflammatory medication can bring Coco much needed relief. (Sorry, I don't know what you're feeding, so I'd just like to add that if Coco is having all these problems, a diet change may be necessary to reduce the chance of more infections and inflammation.)

Sending best wishes and healing vibes for Coco.
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They did that test to see what Antibiotic would work. It came out Clavamox. We always wait 2 Days afer the Med is gone to get her rechecked. She has been on C/D for a year since her last infection which was Ecoli. That one took 2.5 Months to get rid of. I am asking about another med because Coco gets sick from Clavamox and barfs. I had to feed her Natures Best to get her to eat. Now that the med is out she eats the C/D. She had a Ultra Sound too and her Bladder is thick. Last year she had Bladder Stones and had SD and they went away.
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