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Ooops! I forgot!

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Abby is a real snug bug, but only on her terms. When she wants a good cuddle, she will let me know by jumping up onto my chest and snugging down with her face by mine. When she gets into the mood to snuggle, she will spend about 10 minutes pressed flat up against me, pressing her face into mine and purring while I scratch her head and rub her ears and reciprocate the head butts.

Sometimes she will begrudgingly allow me to pick her up for a few minutes, but she doesn't purrr and has her paws on my shoulder, with her legs stiff and ridged as if to say "don't get any closer."

Today she was on the chair next to me, staring at me. So I decided to pick her up and give her a cuddle. She got right into it and was purring up a storm and pressing her face into mine...for all of about 30 seconds. Then she pushed herself up with her front legs and looked me right in the face. I swear there was a look of shock on her face! I guess she realized that she wasn't the one who instigated this cuddle session and that she shouldn't be purring and snugging it up
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That is sooo George! He's a great cuddle-r on HIS terms! Usually its in the middle of the night - he creeps up and stares at me until I wake up. Or when I'm watching tv or reading he'll slowly make his way into my lap/arms for a snuggle-session. He actually doesn't mind being picked up and held - its when you sit down that he decides he's had enough - and then leaps to the nearest table to escape. Oh, but when he decides he's in the mood for attention, he'll stay in your arms for a long time, eyes closed enjoying all the petting....
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Blossom's the same. Gets all stiff legged & pushes away when you pick her up. And forget sitting down with her. But she usually sleeps somewhere near where I am around the house. She sleeps on our bed most of the time, day & night.
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Awww don't you just love those kind of surprises!
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Originally Posted by Crazyforinfo View Post
Awww don't you just love those kind of surprises!
hehe, yep! I always get cuddles from Chynna so I'm not lacking for cuddles. But snuggles from Abby are rare so when I do get them it's extra special.

But the horrified look on her face after about 30 seconds of loving was just priceless. Her eyes got as big as saucers.

Tho I think she is mellowing out in her "old age" (she's 9 years). Yesterday she was on the desk staring at me so I picked her up and hugged her to me and she put her face against my cheek/jaw, burrowed in and started purring up a storm We snuggled for about 10 minutes before she decided that she had enough.
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I am so excited because this morning, for the first time, Butzie did not complain when I tried to hold her. I put her paws on my shoulders and held her bottom and she purred! Cuddle, snuggle, be so loving, but let me hold her for any period of time? No, until today! I am so happy.
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Yay! That's great news!!
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