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Cleaning up stains/messes

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This has probably been over before, but Snow made a wet diahera mess on my carpet several days ago.. I had bought, Resolve carpet cleaner, febreeze for the odor, and then even went back and bought Hartz pet brand stain/odor remover.. since it was diaherra it sunk into my carpet and even tough I tried to clean it up with that stuff, I still have a yellow stain and can stils smell it... any ideas on what can i use to clean it??

unfortunately professional carpet cleaning is not an option now (btw... my carpet is off-white/beige so it shows!!) ;/
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I use a Dirt Devil Spot Scrubber. This one was inexpensive, and has paid for itself many times over. We rarely use the scrub function, but use the vacuum function the most. Soak the stain in Nature's Miracle, suck up with Dirt Devil, spray again with water, suck up again, repeat until stain is gone. You can also use the small cleaner shampoo--we have the pet kind. We use that on the really bad stains.

This has worked on poop stains from butt dragging cats on beige carpet, and on many a pink puke stain. I highly recommend it.
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We use the Nature's Miracle stuff - you can buy it in Petco now. Works pretty good, but you might need to put plenty on and let it soak in a little longer before further cleaning. I think you have to let it dry, then vacuum.
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We use Spot Shot, from Sam's or grocery stores. It has done amazing things for both dog and cat messes.
Once the spot dries, it is much harder to remove though.

Hydrogen peroxide may be an alternative for you. It does work like bleach, so you will need to test the carpet first. Blot it on, gently soaking the area. Dilute with water - a lot of water to stop the bleaching.
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