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Thursday DT

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I'm up WAY too early, since 4:15. Not by choice, though - my gut is rebelling, again.

It is raining and I have two wet, muddy dogs. Pearl loves to play in the rain. She bites the drips, off of the patio roof.

Rowdy has learned to open the cupboard, beneath the bathroom sink. Rotten little cat! Opie is even up.

At least, it isn't too cold - 66. The damp has my joints a bit stiff, though. Poor Bill has to work in this, though. At least, the road jobs will be shut down, today.

Have a good one, all.
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It is sunny here, but cold! It is 18, with a wind chill of 5. We are looking for a possible weekend snow storm. THe forecast is for snow Saturday and Sunday!

Faile is lying on my desk, Molly is looking out the window. I am still in my robe and jammies, cause I took a sick day. I'm not sick in the flu sense, just really tired and achy. Standing to make tea and do a few dishes is tiring.

So, I am sitting at my computer instead. I would have gone to work today, but I am starting a class tonight which will count toward my Master's degree. It is the first night of the class, so I can't miss it, since it is also registration.
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Lovely afternoon over here. Semi cloudy and raining occasionally and the sky has this beautiful golden color! Not too cold either - I just went out wearing only a t-shirt and it felt nice enough. The babysitter is out with baby Ron having a stroll and I just popped in to say hi before I plunge into work.

Have a great day everyone!
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Pardon my ignorance Anne, is it winter over in Israel? Im not sure whether its in the southern or northern hemisphere.

As for me, I am still in my jammies too, I can not be bothered getting dressed. Ack.
Watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding last night, I loved it, its the first movie in a long time to make me laugh til I cried. I have also rented Sweet Home Alabama and feardotcom.

Its pretty cold today, or perhaps its my imagination. I am one of those people who when get cold, stay cold.

Am planning on making Chicken Kiev tonight - I have a lot of recipe cards and I have been testing them, they have such great recipes. Yummy!

Hope everyone has a great day!
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It's winter - not half as bad as for some of our friends in North America and Europe though. Israel is in the northern hemisphere, but it's also closer to the equator so the weather here is fairly mild.
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here in wisconsin its cold cold cold. it has been in the single didgets now for a couple of weeks. we are finaly suposed to get into the 20s tomorrow. what a heat wave! is it going to be spring soon?
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I'm having a bad mental health day. I'm sure part of it was that I was up until midnight with a horrible migrane until my body decided to "purge" it, literally. I'm just getting so frustrated with hubby, too. He went out 3 weeks ago to a few job fairs, but hasn't done anything to get a job since then. Even the things that he is doing to get money in, he's hardly interested in completing. He's supposed to be updating the website for the club he works at, obviously it has to be completed before they will pay him, and he's been sitting on that for 2 weeks now. It's still not done, and he's not getting any money from it. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and we don't even have the money for a romantic dinner at McDonalds. I'm just so sick of living this way, and I also realize that as long as I'm with him I will be.

Sorry to vent here, but I'm just at that point again....
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Heidi (((HUGS))) geesh, I wish I could go there and 'gently' shove him into active mode for you! But...I can't so, all I can do is support you. Hang in there. I just wish he'd realize that he should be working and that if he was....things would be sooooo much easier on both of you.

Well...Valentines day for me will be spent at a funeral parlor. As some of you know, my boss's father passed away yesterday during surgery (actually, shortly after in recovery). I am pretty shaken up about that. I feel helpless and wish I was there right now to give him a hug....I'll be gone tomorrow and probably saturday. Maybe, if everyone can take a minute, say a silent prayer for him and his family. This is such a tough situation because when a loved one goes into surgery...you always pray they make it out ok and...you expect them to. This time, one didn't.

Oh yeah....can this week ever end????? I went to fill our pop machine at work and as I was filling it, believe it or not. The first aid kit came barreling down and hit me in the back of the head. It's a huge metal one and I now sport a large lump. Oh well....at least I had all the supplies I needed at my fingertips!

So...a sore hand, a bump on the head, a heavy heart....geesh....there has to be a better ending to my day.

Well, I have to go now and order flowers.....

I'll try to check in later.

(((HUGS))) everyone. I'm am so glad to have a place to come to when I need to empty my feelings out.....
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Heidi - I'm sorry to hear about those horrible migraines. I get those from time to time as well. It's amazing how your whole body can get so involved...

And G, sorry you have to spend your Valentine Day at a funeral. I will be sending prayers and good thoughts to your boss and his family. Just you take care, and try not getting burnt and hit all the time... :tounge2:
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Ghys, I echo Anne's sentiments!

Binkyhoo - Winter better end soon. I know how bad winters can be up there - I'm only in Northern NJ and I can't take any more of it!!!!!

Heidi -
I don't know what to say other than follow your heart. Tell him again. Write him a letter. If you're comfortable with it, threaten. Sometimes that's what it takes. But don't say it if you don't mean it. My heart aches for you. It's so terribly difficult to love someone who just doesn't seem to want to carry their end of the load!

Kellye - hope that Kiev comes out great!

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I am soooo sleepy. A new feral has been hanging out at our house and at 3:00 a.m. one of our permanent colony members (Zac) decided to have a shouting match with the newcomer. Of course, the last thing I want is for the neighbors to be disturbed by the cats, so I dashed out in my nighty and had a long discussion with the cats. The new guy ran across the street and Zac just sat looking at me like "What are you doing out here?!" Then once I got back to bed, the inside cats were all stirred up and ended up chasing each other up and down the stairs. It is amazing how much these little cats sound like elephants when they run around at night!

When I was teaching class today, a bunch of students kept laughing at me. For the life of me I can't figure out what I was doing that was so funny! My fly wasn't open and I didn't have anything stuck in my teeth....I can't figure it out, but boy am I feeling self-conscious today!
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Renae, maybe after the long night, you were having a bad hair day, and you had a piece of hair sticking straight out somewhere!

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Originally posted by LDG
Renae, maybe after the long night, you were having a bad hair day, and you had a piece of hair sticking straight out somewhere!

Yeah, maybe it was sticking out of my nose!!!!:dali:
Better that than someplace else!
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Sounds like many of you are having not so great days That's too bad. At least tomorrow is Friday, right?

ONE more day at my job!!! My soon to be ex-bosses are taking me out to lunch so that'll be nice. And I wore jeans to work today which you're only allowed to do on casual Fridays!

Nothing else new. Bella has a stomach bug so I've been cooking her plain chicken and rice - which is adding to everyone's opinion that I'm nuts over my pets, but hey - I don't really care!!

Waiting for 5 o'clock. . . . . . .
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