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Do you have a attention hog?

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Just wondering if any of you with more then one cat ,have one that has to have all the attention? I do Reilly... He answeres to all the cats names and comes running.If he sees any of the other cats getting any attention hes right in the middle of them. If one of them dares lay in my lap or beside me on the bed. He is right there trying to hog his way in. He will lay on them to get them to move. He sits on top of the fridge and meows for pats all through me cooking and cleaning up..Must be the Siamese personality...
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I have four like that... Captain Squishy, Roxy, Taco & Lt. Bear. And Lilly gets that way but only if I'm on the computer, she jumps in my lap and head butts my hands until I pet her instead of typing.
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We have cat like that! Her name is Sliver She will come to any name that is called as long as there is petting involved. Shes our people friendly cat. She loves anyone & everyone. Whenever we are petting our other cats - she pushes her way past to get all the attention. Sliver is the queen of the house...
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Yes I do! Dogs and the cat! Makes for an interesting mix
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oh my goodness yes!! Circe is a maniac Everytime I move to another room she is right behind me yelling at me If I pet another cat she has to get in the middle... I try not to make eye contact with her I don't want to encourage her
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Yep that would be Lucky! He gets very jealous too if we are playing with another kitty.
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We have a running joke in the house that Eightball is actually called: Stumpy, Scarlett, Muddy, Koko, Sage, Dakota, Spanky, Pinky, Oscar, Bob, Lucky, Sam and Spike. Sometimes he comes running to "can you turn on the TV?, or "what time is it?, or "what time do you want dinner?". But he only does this when I'm sitting on the sofa. Basically he hears our voices and comes running.

Scarlett is the attention hog in bed. She'll whack any cat that tries to get in her way when we are laying there.
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Both Chynna and Abby are like that. They are so jealous of each other. Abby will bow out if Chynna gets involved and Chynna can be a real bully to Abby when it comes to trying to take over the cuddle session.

I've finally managed to be able to have both of them in bed with me and getting cuddles at the same time. I lay on my back, Abbly lays beside me on the left and Chynna lays on the pillow next to me on the right. I scritch Abby with my left hand and Chynna with my right. Sometimes Chynna will try to make a move to chase Abby away, but I move my hand and block her way until she settles down on the pillow. But if Chynna had her way, Abby would go away permanently. She really only tolerates her
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Wickett is a total attention hog! Frankie doesn't snuggle often but when she does he has to know what's going on. He usually tries to shove his way in too but we won't let him since Frankie love isn't frequent. And heaven forbid we go to her for attention. He'll be right on your heals wondering why you aren't fawning all over him instead. What's really funny is when he's feeling desperate for attention he'll flop over and roll around on his back stretching toward you like he's trying to seduce you with cuteness!
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I sure do and her name is Gracie.
I can't make a move without her following behind me chirping and purring.
God help Annabelle or Elliott if I'm paying more attention to them than I am to her..she'll give them a swat across the head and push her way in.
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Oh, yes...Miss Bella is as hoggy as they come. She actually pushed another cat out of the way at the rescue so that I would pay attention to her Then she wouldn't leave my lap until I took her...
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I put up my signature courtesy of Hope of my little attention hog
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Oh yes, Sox, our kitten, thinks the world revolves around her and her alone!
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You know, Holden is such an attention hog that I don't think I could have another cat. He is definitely the king of the apartment.
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These two share well. Not fighting over me. Maybe someday if a person or another cat moves in the dynamic will shift. Seb sleeps with me at night, Daphne's on my shoulder during the day. Of course, there is plenty of me to go around
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Of course I have some attention hogs here

The dogs are the biggest attention hogs of them all, but out of the cats the biggest I would have to say would be Big Bella, well at least towards me Any time I even say something and she comes and finds me, Ill spend some time with her than she'll leave and I will call one of the other cats and she comes running right back over! O and did I mention how hard it is to even go into the bathroom for whatever reason, she will follow It makes me mad though she will sleep in there while other get a shower or sometimes sit on the side and lick the water, when I get a shower though she meows at me the whole time because she wants attention from me she is so spoiled But I do love the way she follows me every where in this house and did I mention she gives high fives too
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Originally Posted by ProudKittieMom View Post
But I do love the way she follows me every where in this house and did I mention she gives high fives too
I am trying to teach Daphne to give high fives. She is always reaching out for my hands. We'll see if it works

Hijack over
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Yes. Her name is Stephanie.

Every time we start talking to one of the other cats or petting one of the other cats, no matter what she was doing before, Stephanie will start crying until we talk to her or play with her. Every time.
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Mine take turns, and Pearl has jumped into the mix lately. She spends most of her time on the bed, and will cry for pets and cuddles if I do not go straight in and pick her up. This is the cat that hid in the box springs and never came out but to eat for years.
Fluffyis mostly his cat, but lately has warmed up to me a bit more. She is such a little jealous priss that she will actually push my hands away if I am giving my SO a massage, and knead where I was massaging. Then she will go to the face cradle and give him kisses and loves while he is a captive audience.
Scooter and Pepper pick their own times and places.
I love all my babies, but it is hard to tell what they will do rom one minute to the next. I guess it is part of the feline charm.
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This morning I can say, YES!

My cat that has until recently been repressed emotionally, is now getting fresh. Just now, she got on my desk, walking across my keyboard as I was typing. Something she's never done before.

It takes being owned by a cat, to have a person accept something never thought of before.

Before, my sweetie came along, never in my wildest dream, would I imagine, kissing a cat on her little head, or allowing her to walk across my dinner table, or giving her food from my china. I even let her sleep on my bed!

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