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hi i'm new

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hey guys, i'm a wee newbie, i thought i would pics of my babies as i said in prev thread (hopefully it will work lol.

^^ that is fluffy, shes now 13 years old, the princess

^^ that is buddy, he's 10, bit of a wild boy lol

^^ that is tom (right) and his brother jerry (left) both 4 now. Jeryy unfortunately passed away on 8th december this year

^^ shaady when she was approx 2 weeks old, i rescued her and handreared her

^^ shady now (2 years old)

and now for the baby of the bunch, snuggles,
her mum is a stray, she left this one on a doorstep
in september, my friend brought her to me as i
handreared before, vet didnt hold much hope coz
out all night in cold etc, shes now 3 n half months old,
shes adorable, had a few ups n downs health wise, but brilliant now;

^^ just opening her eyes

^^ kisses lol

^^ with shady

^^ her now
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You have a beautiful family of cats : Love the santa hat on Snuggles!

Thanks for sharing all their photos! Excited to see more photos of all of them!
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thank you

i have sooo soo many pictures of my babies hehe, they are such posers, shall have a look for some more later

been looking at the cats on here, i would sooo love more
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Your kitties are all beautiful!!
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They are all soooo sweet! I'm so sorry about Jerry RIP....
I love the Santa hat on Snuggles too...
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OMG they are are so cute and cuddly looking.
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They are all too cute!! It's so cool to see Shaady as a kitten and then at 2years.. wow.. I bet Snuggles will grow up fast as well!!
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You have cute babies
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Aww!! What an adorable bunch of kitties!!
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Aww, Fluffy sort of reminds me of my oldest cat (Matilda). Great pics!
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You are in kitty paradise! You have done an amazing job with them. They are all beautiful! Play happily over the bridge, Jerry
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Awww, what an adorable fur family you have!! Snuggles is just a little muffin!
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