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Hi, I'm a new member

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my name’s Christiane, I come from Germany and I have 4 cats:

Jenny: She’s nearly 14 years old, black & white and very sensitive
Maya: She comes out of the animal home, is about 5 years old and very dear and sociable with other cats, also black& white
Einstein: He was brought to me by my friend as a homeless one, two years ago, he’s about 8-10 years old, grey and white
Milena: I fetched her out of the animal home, about 1 year ago, she’s about 3 years old and still very shy. She’s a tabby cat.

I landed here, because I love cats and I’d like to prove my English. I learnt English in school, but it has grown rusty a lot. Please don’t hesitate to correct me, I will be glad about it and only this helps me to learn.

By the way, I’m already 43 years old, I live alone, go to work 38 hours a week (branch telecommunication). My hobbies are: Cats (what else), reading books, jogging and helping at the animal home nearby.
I look forward to a stimulating and friendly discussion over cats (and possibly other subjects).
My homepage is http://people.freenet.de/catlife, sorry, it’s still only in German language.

Christiane with Jenny, Maya, Milena and Einstein
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Welcome to the site Christiane! I think your English is very good. Your cats sound very beautiful, and I'm sure your house is full of love.

Please ask any questions you may have about your cats, and join us in The Cat Lounge where we just hang out and relax and talk about our cats and many other things.
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Welcome! Your English is better than a lot of people's that speak it as their first language!
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Welcome Christiane!

Internet forums are a great way to maintain or learn new languages. Hope you enjoy your time here.

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Welcome, Christiane! We're so happy that you have joined The Cat Site. We hope to hear from you often. Your English is quite good, and as you said, the more you read and write it, the easier it will become. You have quite a family!
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Thank you for the nice welcome. I'm glad I found you and I'm sure my English will be better soon. I think, mostly I will only read your posts, but perhaps sometimes I will be able to help, too. I really hope so.
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Glad you found this place! Nice to have you here!

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I'm sure you can be of help to someone, Christiane! Also, just for fun or any subject, serious or silly, we have the Cat Lounge. If you like to read stories and poems, try Paws and Reflect. (Just because Heidi and I have a WONDERFUL MYSTERY STORY THERE has nothing to do with this statement. (My fingers are crossed-to cover the fib!!)
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Christiane - Welcome!! I think your English is great!
Speaking "Cat" is a universal language in here, so I'm sure we will all communicate famously!!

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Hi Christiane,

Welcome! I got a kitty called Einstein too! He's a 8 month old Scottish Fold. My husband named him Einstein because when we first saw him his fur was a wild mess! I mean it was everywhere! Now his fur has calmed down but I tend to mess up his fur to remind me when he was little.

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Welcome Ro-zie! Einstein sounds like a real cutie. Why don't you start your own thread to introduce yourself and Einstein formally and get a warm welcome yourself?
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