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Anyone want a yellow lab?!

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No, seriously! I wasn't sure where to put this but I'm hoping someone can help me out. My in-laws have this beautiful and very sweet yellow lab. He was a rescue and you can tell by his postures that he was abused in the past. I think he's around 4-5 years old and he has a very sweet temperament. He sheds quite a bit but some fish oil and a vet visit would probably reduce it. He licks a lot too but show me a lab who doesn't. He's terrified of tile and hard wood floors (I suspect it's related to the abuse) but he learns quickly and would make a great companion. He also likes to run and play. If anyone is interested let me know... or if you have any suggestions for finding him a better home. He's well taken care of but could use a home that can give him more attention.

This is Buddy... and he'd love to love you!
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Aww, what a baby!! I wish he was closer...I would snatch him up!!
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If your serious, tell me where you are (in PM if you want) and we can see if maybe some arrangements could be made.
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I'd gladly take him, but then I'd have no home to live in.

Try contacting local rescues to see if they can do a courtesty posting. Is he neutered? Shots? I highly suggest doing some checking into adoptees....you can never trust people.
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He's neutered... not sure about current shots but I think so. I was looking at indiana/ohio resuces (they live minutes from the OH state line). They say they've tried to find him a new home with no luck. It's not like they don't take care of him but he could always be more spoiled and they definalty don't appreciate him if that makes sense. I intend to check thuroughly check out anyone interested.
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DH says ONLY ONE dog, so we can't take him; however his situation is very similar to Keno's (our yellow lab). She was picked up by a rescue group pregnant. Adopted out and the owner let her have 10 pups (dad was a rottie). He kept her in a little pen in the back of the garage, yelled/beat her and used an antibark collar on her.

We got her thru an ad in the paper for lab x pups. She's come a long way, but for the first 6-7 months we had her, she was terrified to bark or even whine for fear of being hit. Even today, all you need to do is raise your voice a little and she immediately stops what's she's doing and looks like she did the worse thing in the world.

In some ways the abuse made her a very easy dog to train what to do and not do - people have complimented us on how well behaved she is.

However, labs are notorious shedders and adding oil to their diet won't make that much of a difference - we've tried Seems yellows tend to have a more shedding coat then the blacks/chocolates (from owners of labs) so not sure if its really true or not. I love labs - but their drawback is that DARN shedding!
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I wonder if color has anything to do with it. I've know 3 chocolate labs and none of them shed as much as Buddy. Even Rudy who had skin problems and was constantly scratching. Interesting. My in-laws do take good care of him but they don't want him. I'm almost hoping they'll still have him when we get a house cuz I'd love to take him. At the same time I hate seeing him there being ignored. He get's his necessities but hardly gets any extra attention or affection.
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Aww, he looks like a sweetie! Unfortunately, four dogs is my limit right now. I hope he finds a good home soon!
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I wish I could, but I have 4 dogs now also and that is my firm limit! When we got our chocolate lab, I was reading up on the breed and I think I did see somewhere that the yellow color does shed significantly more than the brown or black. It has something to do with their skin pigment, I think, but don't quote me on that.

I hope you can find a home for him...he looks like such a sweetie!
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