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Snuggle Bunny

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George is my very first cat - adopted from the shelter last May. I've read that it could take around 6 months for him to feel "at home". Well, in the last few weeks, my standoff-ish, quiet cat has become the noisy snuggle-bunny! He's still not a lap cat, but he does need his fix of cuddling - sometimes several times during the night! Since he's about 16 lbs it's hard to ignore him when he decides to lay on you!! And he hasn't stopped talking since he started - he's meowing about everything. Guess now that he's feeling totally at home, he's making up for lost time
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That's so wonderful! Doesn't it make you feel good to know your kitty has bonded with you?

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Thats great to hear that your cat is starting to become affectionate :
Hope he keeps getting more lovable! George sounds like hes a handsome boy
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that is cool i love the kitty snuggles. I have found that for some reason when i rub my face all over hers like she would do if she was rubbing against my leg, she will just melt into my arms. she will start purring very loudly and close her eyes and rub back. if you try to pet her chin and behind the ears she loves it and will rub her face back on your hand but will only allow you to do it for a short minute, but when i rub my face and nose to hers she will lay there forever if she dont literally fall asleep first. Is this some kind of comfort thing for her. i love doing it cause she is so soft and fluffy so i dont mind whatever her reason for liking it is.
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that's so lovely to hear hehe!
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Awww, what a sweet story!
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Awwww, that is the best...snuggle bunny babies are the cutest!
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Such a cute story! I hear ya about the 16lbs! Lucky jumps without warning at times.
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Right now as I'm sitting on the floor (on the computer as if you couldn't tell!) he's curled up on the chair snoring and "talking" away. Wonder what he's dreaming about??
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Im glad to hear someone elses cats snores!! I was starting to think there was something wrong with my furball!
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Originally Posted by glitch View Post
Im glad to hear someone elses cats snores!! I was starting to think there was something wrong with my furball!
The first time I noticed he snored he actually woke me up! I couldn't figure out what that noise was - and then I realized it was him!!
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My husband's name is George, but he weighs more than 16 lbs!
Come to think of it, I think that Butzie saw me at the shelter and thought that I would be a purrfect pet. She came home from the shelter with me, took one look at her new territory and said to herself that no way she was going back to that shelter. She cuddled and purred right away.
Nice for you that your big kitty is so lovable! George's are like that!
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