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Anyone elses cat do this??

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He licks my hair, like he is grooming me, he is a mess!!
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No, but Blossom licks our skin.
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Roxy does. In fact, I just posted a video the other day of her grooming John's hair!
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cats are basically self-cleaning animals, that is why they groom themselves. if they groom someone else, it is because they care about that person
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Magnum loves to groom people's hair and Boomer will groom hair / skin / clothes whatever
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Easy and Tino will groom our skin, but Laura is the big hair groomer. She grooms hair, eyebrows and eyelashes.
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Snowball is the only cat that loves to groom us. He grooms all the cats so he wants to groom us too...
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Hannah does, especially in the morning to wake me up!

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Levi will groom my legs and Jordan grooms my hair after I get out of the shower. Sometimes I wonder what they think about poor Mom having to get in that terrible water every day.
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Yes, I don't really like it. Sandpaper tongue doesn't feel good on the skin at all.

One of the many ways kitty kitty expresses herself
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My Pooka will groom us. She rarely ever does our hair, she seems to prefer our hands and arms. She will actually hold us still with her paws until she deems us clean! She is our "mothering" cat. She grooms both of the other cats,and us too!
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Ah yes, both of my cats love to fix my hair after I've gotten out of the shower! I guess it is a combination of loving to groom and the water that's still left in my hair.
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Yes Lucky loves to do my hair, she also washes my face Dh said people pay thousands to get a chemical face peal. all they need is a cat
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Kit will groom our hair sometimes. He'll also "groom" the water off of me when I get out of the shower
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For some reason Rocky likes to clean my ears and fingers. He only does it while I'm laying in bed at night, though. But I must admit, the feeling of that rough cat tounge in my ear really tickles.
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My cat Chloe will go behind me and pick up my hair with her paws and put it in her mouth and rip away..its a nice way to be woken up..NOT! Hurts like hell!
Thats her way of getting my undivided attention.
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