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My kitten seems to have taken a liking to my nose. I just don't get but when i'm in bed he'll just hop on my chest and go to town on my nose. And he's very thorough about it when i let him. But when he does it i just pick him up and move him... but he'll just hop right back up and won't stop until he's licked my nose in entirety.

It's just weird, i don't really have a greasy face and I wash it everyday, and he doesn't seem to be interested in any other part of my body other than my fingertips. Any ideas why he's so fixated on ... my nose?
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Don't be offended... but your nose may smell -at least to a cat it might. He's probably just trying to be a good cat and make sure you're well groomed.
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Some of the kittens at the shelter do that too
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Audrey likes to lick.. she'll lick my face if I let her.. but usually I give her my hands instead... it's so cute... (lol.. but not so much right after they've licked their bottom!)
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