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Beloved pet returns after 7-year absence

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I found this in my local paper and had to place it here.
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Thats great I wonder where Sweetie had been?
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Aw... I bet Sweetie missed them.
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Oh, that is so sweet! It's amazing what animals can do. This is when you wish you really could talk to your cat and find her whole story. What a great Christmas present for that family!
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Oh that's soooo wonderful!!! Makes ya wanna just tear all up!!!
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That's great she came back!!! To me these stories are even more reason to keep your cats inside. But I'm a paranoid mommy!! haha
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If you've ever had a cat go missing, it's all the more reason to tear up.
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Im so glad she's home and healthy! Even though it cant be good that the staples have been in there the whole time I wouldn't think!! What a wonderfull story! I also keep my babies in! I had one named Kitten that I let out and one day she got stuck in a tree and then we found her, she kept going out after that and one day she came home, was sick and died 12 hours later!! So I have decided that my cats dont need to go out, no matter how badly they want out! (mine aren't microchipped either though!)
What a wonderful holiday story!!
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that´s amazing!!!
glad that he´s ok!
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What a great story!

This same thing happened to my aunt. It hadn't been 7 years, but it had been 2. Her cat Smokey was an indoor/outdoor. One day he just disappeared. My aunt was heartbroken; he was her baby.

She and my uncle moved, but she continued to go back to their old house (same town) periodically and call for him and search the area.

Well, my OTHER aunt kept swearing up and down that she saw Smokey, and we all thought that she was insane. But she kept taking that same route where she saw him, and lo and behold, she caught sight of him one day, pulled over, and was able to catch him! She returned him to my aunt, who kept him indoors for the rest of his days.

He lived to a ripe old age; in fact, the poor little guy was just PTS this year, bless his heart. My aunt was heartbroken. She hasn't gotten another kitty yet; she says that she never will, because she can't bear to lose another one
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Originally Posted by Kittywarden View Post
I found this in my local paper and had to place it here.
Very interesting!
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That is a great story!!
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