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My beloved Ginger

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I miss my Ginger she was like my first cat she was a money cat very beautiful and a lovely personality well this is crazy cause we just let her out and we' we're leaving to go to a baseball game (youth league) my father styed home so we thought it was alright to let her stay out while we left boy was i wrong oh she was pregnant also at the time and when we came home i got out of the car and i saw her on the side of a bush in my yard just laying there and i tried calling her but she didn't move at all and then i noticed flies all around her so i went ova and i found she had passed it was crazy cause i seen her like an hour ago and she was gone forever i literally was crying about it for a couple days and even after that i would think about her and i would get tearz i loved her so much and wish i could have told her i loved her just one more time and i dont even know why she died thanx for listening to me. Ginger r.i.p you are missed deeply no kitty can replace you ever
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I'm very sorry you lost Ginger. It's even more tragic that the little lives she was carrying died also. I know you were probably a child, and this was probably your first real loss. We have our pets for such a short period of time, and then they're gone. This is so difficult for all of us pet owners to accept, but it is fact.

The only thing we can do to extend their lives as long as possible is to keep them indoors in busy areas, spay or neuter to help prevent infections and certain cancers, keep their shots current, and give them a balanced diet. Still, we all have to face this awful day. It is terribly hard to accept, I know, and my sympathy is with you. Unfortunately, these wonderful animals are "loaned" to us for only a little while-16-18 years if we're fortunate. Your memories of Ginger will always be with you, and the pain will become a bit easier to deal with. I hope these memories bring you joy, and that you find peace. Some day you will have your own pet, and it will help dull your pain.
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That is such a sad story. When you think about Ginger try to concentrate on all the happy memories instead of the sad ones. Also, please read the Rainbow Bridge poem which can be found at the top of this forum. The Rainbow Bridge is a very wonderful place, and that is where Ginger and her kittens are now playing very happily together while they wait for the day to come when they can be reunited with you again.
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