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Could It Really Be..........

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Prince's family. Take a look at this lil girl, she showed up on Christmas morning with her mom!

This was made thru my patio door!!

No pictures of mom yet, she is very skittish, but this lil girl is so friendly and will even let me pick her up and hold her for a minute!! And of course, I have been feeding them!!

(don't mind my big foot)


(playing w/new toys)

Someone has got to be feeding them other than me, because they are not here every day. She even looks bigger than Prince, but feeling of her sides, they are a little sunk in!!

The mom looks just like these two, mom also looks like she could be pregnant again, because her sides are really full looking. I haven't got to touch her yet!! I will continue to feed them until hubby and I decide what we need to do. I would like to keep the lil girl, but I don't know!!

What do you all think???? Could the three be related?????
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That gorgeous striping does seem unique, to me! I hope that you can catch the mama kitty & get her neutered before she has another litter - is there a rescue group nearby who will help you?
And I hope that you get to keep the little girl - the kitties will make such a gorgeous "matched set" and think of how great it will be for her - a real family, warmth, safety, affection, TOYS
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I stopped up at the neighbor's house, who I suspected owned the cats and it was confermed that they belong to her, I told her if I hadn't heard anything from her within a week, (I think this is ample time) to pick them up then I would trap Momma and take her here to our local AS,and keep the lil girl. We'll see what happens in the meantime, I will continue to feed and care for them until then.

In response to your question, catsknowme, no, there is no rescue group around, I'll have to do it myself, no problem, though, I've trapped strays before and taken to the Animal Shelter. But these extra now three are causing alot of problems with my outside kitty Katie, fights and keeping her from her food, so, something has to be done immediately!!
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So nice of you to help the kitties!!

They look so much alike that I dont think there is any way for them not to be related!
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