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Hello everyone!

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Hi! I'm glad to have found this great cat site to answer my questions, as I have only been a mommy to my wonderful Willie (Gray/brown tabby, 5 yrs old) for 2 weeks now.
On my birthday, I was out with my mum and brothers, and suddenly wanted to go to PetsMart to see the Adopt-a-thon they have every weekend. Who knows why, I could have waited a week and gone by myself, but I insisted we call my grandmother to warn that we'd be late and stop by to look at the kitties. It must have been destiny, because the volunteers pointed me to... a nose under a blanket?!? Well, after the blanket was taken off, I tentatively put my hand out for him to smell, and he shoved his head under my hand, and made it VERY clear that he wanted his back scratched. Needless to say, I found myself filling out an application while wondering what I was doing.
He's such a sweetie, just perfect for us (me, H and son). He's so loving that we bonded the first night he was home. He still only is brave enough to explore the house when we're home. The rest of the time, he sleeps under my bed (where the heating vent is, of course).
He's had a rough life...this is his 3rd home(at least) and he was declawed at 8 mos !! And yet, he still begs for attention and loves nothing more than a good scratch on the rump (I often like that myself! ).
Sometimes I look over at him and think "A cat! Finally! Pinch me, it must be a dream!" I actually wondered if I was doing the right thing in the days before I brought him home, but I didn't imagine I would be so in love.
It's especially good that I found this place, because none of my friend are "cat people" and I know that they'll soon tire of my constant "Willie did the cutest thing!" stories...
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Ohhhhh....that's a sweet story. I'm glad he's home with you and you are showering him wit love.

Welcome to TCS! There are lots of great people to meet. Stop in at The Cat Lounge, it's our hang out!
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hey welcome!!!

Im in NC as well, in the mountains.

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Welcome to the site! Willie sounds like a real love bug, and we won't get tired of his cute antics, as long as you can put up with our kitties' cute antics too. We love pics, too. Pretty soon you'll find yourself wondering what you possibly did B.C. (before cat), if you aren't already.

This is a great place to learn all about kitties. Even if you don't have a pressing question right now, just browsing through the forums will give you immense knowledge. Definitely check out The Cat Lounge, where we hang out and talk about all kinds of things, including posting cute pics and talking about our little furry loves.
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Welcome to the site!!

Awww...nice story. Glad you were able to give Willie a warm, caring home.

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Welcome, Welcome!!
Awwww....I agree! What a sweet story. I bet Willie is a Cutie Pie Face!! I wanna see!!!

You definitely picked the right place to talk "Cat"—as a matter of fact, you should beware...thecatsite.com is addictive....

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I have been trying very hard to post a picture, with no sucess (uhh, that little red x is him...from very far away...after he got red koolaid dumped on him! Yeah, that's it!). But soon, very soon...
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The dreaded red x usually means that the site you have your picture on doesn't allow remote linking or you are copying the whole page address instead of the address of the picture. Be sure to right click on the picture, choose properties and there will be a web address in that window. Copy that one to paste in the IMG box.

I know that www.imagestation.com does allow it, and is free to join. Once you get your pics loaded, right click and choose properties to get the "real" address of your picture or click on the pic (so it's the only thing on your screen)and copy the address. Look at the address and if it ends with ".orig.jpg" delete those letters.

If you are getting the red x, you are getting really close!
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Aren't they wonderful, Willy? I'm so glad you gave that baby a home. Isn't it great to know that this loving cat now has a forever home? I'm sorry I'm so late in welcoming you, but I'm so glad to have you, and I'm equally privileged to have read your story. Welcome, welcome, welcome!
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What a great story! My cats "chose me", too.

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