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Is there any laws against trapping ferals?

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I was wondering what the laws are generally? or are there any? does it just depend on our own city ordinances? I have not done any trapping, i know I want to start a TNR program here in my community, but after doing a little research on the subject I get very overwhelmed because there is sooo much stuff to read about and so many different things to do, I feel like there is no way I myself could ever get it all together to approach our city counsel!
Right now I have been feeding some and I did try to trap a lil kitten that looked in distress, had tar or oil all over it! that was when some jerk called the law on me! after that i didn't see her for a few days, then i would see her and the older cats would bat at her, so she would run off and not get to eat, then I figured this out if i stay while she eats the others won't come eat it all first cause their scared of me! she isn't! and the cops came up behind me while i was sitting there while she ate x-mas eve morning! They are about to make me mad I'm sick of the harrassment! they want to arrest me but have nothing on me! if you all know any laws about this, let me know, i want to know before they look something up and arrest me! or if you know of a website i could go to and find out!anything would be greatly appreciated!
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If it's on your own property, then there are no laws against it. However, if it's on public property, you should check with your local animal control/humane society to find out what the laws are, and possibly see if they will maybe help you out.
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It depends upon where you are. There will be city ordinances if you live in a somewhat urban area. If you're more rural, there may be township laws, but there will be county laws.

A good place to start would be to contact Alley Cat Allies: www.alleycat.org

You can also check into local rescue groups in your area - or if they're not near you, but in the same county, rescue groups, even if not TNR groups, may know local laws or where you can easily find local laws (they may be accessible online): http://www.pets911.com/organizations/organizations.php

You can look up your state's cruelty laws here (the law may actually be on your side!) http://www.straypetadvocacy.org/html/legislation.html

The problem with TNR in some places is the definition of "caring for a cat." In some places, if you provide food and medical care (spaying, neutering), then you're considered the caregiver of the animal. There may be laws on licensing, outside cats, the number of cats you can "own," &etc.

You can also contact the Best Friends Network, their No More Homeless Pets Campaign and check out their library resources: http://www.bestfriends.org/nomorehomelesspets/

There's LOADS of information and links on TNR and ferals at the website in my signature line (http://www.StrayPetAdvocacy.org).

Some links to TX Feral Cat info: http://www.legalspring.com/articles/...l-cat-law.html

Several Universities in TX have been running feral cat management programs: (They're on break now, but you may want to contact someone working with the programs as they may know how to quickly look up local laws if you're still having a problem)


...and here is Alley Cat Allies list of TNR organizations in Texas: http://www.alleycat.org/orgs.html#tx

The question would be - are the on someone's private property? If so, that's a problem. On the other hand, it may be a case of animal cruelty, in which you can try contacting the local authorities AND the ASPCA. Here (in NW NJ), the police don't get involved in animal cruelty problems - the ASPCA has authority to prosecute.

If they're on public land, it MAY be considered a public service. The bigger question would be - why would they be harrassing you when it should be an issue for animal control?

The key for what you're looking for is the animal control laws in your area.

Thank you for wanting to help this/these kitties!

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Right - the Humane Society should also have lots of info. There is a national Humane Society (http://www.hsus.org) - but it would be a local humane society chapter that could help. Search for the name of your town (or a large town near you) in combination with Humane Society. Here's a link to a search I did on just Humane Society of TX: http://search.yahoo.com/search?fr=yt...%20TX&ei=UTF-8

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I saw her picture in the Cat Lounge - what a gorgeous kitten!

On what basis did the guy call the police? What did the police say you were doing that was wrong? Anyway to leave a note for the guy that called the police on you - to let him know that you want to trap the cat to get her out of there? Is his complaint that you're feeding the cats - or is his complaint that you want to remove the cats - and he wants them there to catch vermin? Either way - if there are other cats there, seems to me that if he wants them there, the city shouldn't have a problem with trapping and having them spayed and neutered. And if one kitten doesn't come back - who's to know?

Just more thoughts......

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