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5 Things you want to do next year

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What are the top 5 things you want to do next year?

I want to:

1) Get one of the cats (Chloe) rehomed from the rescue centre
2) Pass my driving (and driving theory) tests
3)Sort through all my stuff that's accumulated over the years (what I want and what I don't)
4) Get a job
5) Get a car (after (2))
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1.Finish our wedding planning and get married (wedding is March 29, 2008)
2.Start our family hopefully soon!
3.Hopefully be in our new home soon if we get it- so we can decorate/etc!
4.Learn how to paint well (something i've always wanted to do)
5.Get my vet tech lisence. I'm am the primary vet tech at the moment at our shelter- but if i get my lisence, i will be a lisenced one so i can hopefully get a better paying gig and learn a bit more about the field i'm in and love.
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1. I want to get more fit, using the eat right for your type 'diet'. Not really a diet, but a lifestyle change based on your blood type. I've been considering going 'mostly' vegetarian for some time, and this confirmed it. I'm a type A.
2. get ONE job that pays decently (at least 30K/year).
3. move out of the neighborhood I'm in. Which will happen once I accomplish #2.
4. finish sewing projects, thus widdling down my overgrown fabric collection.
5. finish editing my novel from 2006 writing challenge and self-publishing it (finally).

so many things to do... many more than 5, but those are the big ones...

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Every year on my birthday in November, I make a list of 20 things I want to accomplish before my next birthday. I usually keep it fairly simple, some things may seem a bit silly but they're important to me. Here are my top five:

1. Find our own house.
2. Learn Spanish.
3. Ride my horse.
4. Finish my Volkswagen so it's ready for the road.
5. Learn how to operate a motorcycle.
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What a great thread! We can all look back when the year is done and see what we've accomplished (or didn't, hahaha)....

01. Move into a nice, affordable, pet-friendly one-bedroom apartment in a decent part of town! (Otherwise known as: get Jess and I the heck away from our roomies and out of the flippin' ghetto)

02. Go back to school for my MSW

03. Pay off Jess's engagement ring

04. Start saving for retirement

05. Start writing again
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1. Strengthen my ability to find happiness from within
2. Get admitted in grad school
3. Continue learning Cambodian
4. Start grad school (after I accomplish #2)
5. Continue saving money for grad school and/or travel

So actually, I'm right on track... I just need to keep things going.
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- My BIG resolution: follow the 'Paleolithic Diet' for one year. It's partially in response to a challenge from my Bio Anthro professor, and partially because, well...why not?
- start walking every day
- save up to buy a new laptop and a new DSLR camera
- start seriously planning a trip to Africa next summer with my younger brother
- graduate! (hopefully without crippling senioritis )
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1) get in shape..a shape other than round.
2) go back to Scotland for a few weeks.
3) get my car faster than it already is (600+ rwhp now)
4) get a girlfriend and hold on to her this time (I suck at relationships)
5) call my parents more.
6) be a good Daddy to Holden.

Ok, so that was 6 things...I can't follow rules.
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Hmm well I hope I can think of 5 lol...

1) get back into shape

2) get me a good job

3) hope to get my daughter into pre-school

Hmm,is 3 ok? I may think of 2 more later....
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1) volunteer at at least two places where I would like to work in order to gain experience and contacts to get a real job doing something I love.

2) get that job!

3) move out of my shoebox and into a decent one-bedroom apartment with a patio or deck.

4) get out an walk more

5) eat more fruits and veggies (yummy!)

There are larger daydream-type things, but these are realistic
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Hmmm, let's see....
1. get myself financially fit
2. get myself physically fit
3. continue going to school
4. show my family how much I love and appreciate them on a regular basis
5. maybe start dating, or maybe not ok, forget that one
5. be a better meowmy
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1. get rehabbed so I can start a back to work program
2. lose weight
3. get back to my job
4. start rebuilding my credit rating (not till after August though due to bankruptcy)
5. start sewing again
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1. Have lapband surgery to help me lose weight quickly and get healthy.

2. Get a part-time job at first, and then when I can handle a full day, a "real" job in my field (writing, graphics, video production).

3. Help my parents sell their house and move into an apartment, to relieve them of the financial burden the house has become.

4. Earn enough to get my mother a maid service a couple of times a week.

5. When I'm slimmed down enough, take swing dance lessons with my nephew!

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5 Things we want to do next year:

1) Start eating healthier
2) Buy a digital camera
3) Learn more crafting skills
4) Improve organization in our house
5) Just to be as happy as possible
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1. Wake up in the morning (a good step on any day!)
2. Yawn... I do that every time I wake up
3. Have some breakfast (have to keep up the energy for the new year!)
4. Take some advil for the hangover headache (i'm sure....)
5. Wake up Sibohan (ever since I get her a kitty bed she sleeps in)

Oh... you probably didn't want it that litteral
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1. I think mariep put it very well, strengthen my capacity find happiness from within. Thanks for putting it in to words for me.
2.Learn to be less dependent on my SO.
3.Learn to take better care of myself physically, or to put it bluntly, I will not live very much longer, as I have several potentially life threatening conditions that can be managed if I just do it.
4.Get my own ride so I can go see my daughter and granddaughter more often. I think my tax refund should help with that.
5.Get better at my job so I can finance some of the above.

I wish all of you a very happy and healthy New Year, and hope we can all help each other to reach our goals.
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Good goals guys!

Mine are:

1) Maintain my GPA
2) Do well in my field placement in the fall
3) Find a part time job I don't mind going to
4) Eat healthier
5) Begin a regular exercise routine
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1. Have a smooth wedding (February 5, 2008)
2. Get our house finished ASAP
3. Spend more time at the SPCA giving attention to the animals there
4. Get a raise at work and show them how well I can do my job even when it is super-busy.
5. Possibly take a medical coding or transcription course and find something I can do at home part time a few hours a night after my regular job, just to get some extra $$$

[and an extra: 6. start a 401k/IRA so we can make our dream of retiring at 40-45 real.]
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Next year I want to:

1) Start my education
2) Learn to drive (again, but on the other side of the road)
3) Get a better job, or start my own business
4) Move away from this apartment building (my neighbours are noisy and I need to sleep at some point!)
5) Make a "for his eyes only" calendar for my DH, because I think it would be fun!!
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1. Get more serious about losing weight
2. Get a dresser for our bedroom
3. Adopt a new cat from the shelter.. (I miss kitty lovings)
4. Get a new car once Mike's disability starts (wish I knew the status)
5. Get a promotion at work
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1. learn to drive

2. become a nail technician from home

3. have a child

4. eat less junk food LOL

5. sort out things i don't need/want
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1. get a job
2. eat healthier & get into shape
3. adopt an animal
4. have a baby
5. finish remodeling my house
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1) Finish wedding plans and be married
2) Makes some friends around here
3) Get financially stable again
4) Keep a regular exercise routine
5) Start volunteering!
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