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It's frustrating that an advertizing company thinks this way...

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Recently an advertizing company came up with this ad campaign to get parent's to focus on their child's mental disorder. To be honest, it's ads like this that reinforce negative stereotypes about mental illness. To me, it's slapping parents in the face, and telling them they aren't doing enough. Come on now! Most parents are doing as much as he or she possibly can when they have a child with a mental disorder. Starting ads like this makes them think they could do more.
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You would be surprised how many parents do not do enough.

My mum teaches children with special educational needs and in a lot of cases the work is not carried on and they believe it is up to the teachers and support staff to 'take care of it all' (one mother's actual words).

There are also people who do not realise that their child has a problem. So many of them are put down as 'naughty' by their parents and so do not get the help they need until later in life when it is harder to help them.

The other thing is negative advertising always seems to get more attention that positive.
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I think it was a genius campaign! I also think the worst stereo typing comes from families that don't want to admit their child may have a problem. What a brilliant way to grab attention and make someone read the entire ad!
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From one who got all the wrong help.... ie the experts did not want to admit was what wrong ... I think it was a great idea PARENTS dont need to be coddled they need the facts and then they can decide what to do from a honest perspective ...
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According to the article, the ads were already pulled.
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I read that it was a two week campaign and is over but they will make a new one when they get airtime again in 3 months
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According to the link provided, the campaign has been halted.
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I understand that it was haulted, but my main concern that it was even out in the first place. Who thought it was a good idea to start with?
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I don't know. I seriously doubt they meant to cause the parents more pain. IMO it's a matter of perspective. From the parents' perspective, the advertisers were saying that they weren't doing enough. From my point of view, I don't read the ads as saying that these parents aren't doing enough...I felt they were saying that these disorders hold children "hostage", hence the ransom notes.

I find it hard to believe the advertisers based their campaign around telling parents that they weren't doing enough for their children. Then, when they received complaints, they halted the ads.
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I'm on the fence about the campaign.

On one side I do think its wonderful because so many parents ignore the simple signs of bulemia, ADHD, depression, and children do not get the help they need.

On the other hand, they do make autism sound like its something no one wants and that no one wants their children to have this. It's icky, awful and just plain old disturbing to the social norm...therefore we should kill it.

OK, I'm done..
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I haven't seen the commercials, so I can only comment based on what I read in that article.

However, based on that article I don't see anything wrong with the commercials.

If it's applicable to the viewer, all well can good. Those that it doesn't apply too IE: those without children or those with "healthy children", or those who have an "afflicted child" but are doing the best that they can, don't have to pay attention to it.

People get all bent out of shape for next to nothing these days.

I don't drink, and I don't drive. I don't go around calling advertising agencies complaining about their drunk driver ad campaigns.

I don't think the ads should have been pulled and I think those that called to complain should have been told "grow a thicker skin."

I'm so fed up with the stupidity of some human beings. It's no wonder that I prefer the company of my cats to most people.
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I'll confess I don't understand the whole story, so don't give me too much of a hard time for wondering if it's something the big drug companies cooked up...
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