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One year update on Persi's fur

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About a year ago, I horrified some by saying that I was going to save all the fur when I combed Persi and make it into a sweater some day. I do not always remember to save it, but here is a progress report as of after today's combing:

Mind you the stack would be 3-4 times as large if I was not too lazy
to untangle all the balls that have formed. My next posting on this
matter will probably be in about two years when you will see me
wearing a very special sweater.

I love combing Persi and he loves it too. It is a great bonding time for both.
Then again, I have never informed him I was making a sweater out of him...
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That's actually not uncommon for knitters to do!! I've heard that dogs and cats fur make an EXCELLENT yarn - and even better, you know what it took to get that fiber!!

Can't wait to see that sweater!
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I used to do that when I had Samoyeds. I had someone who would buy it and spin it.
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Wow, that's pretty cool!
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That's a LOT of fur!
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Originally Posted by Cocoalily View Post
That's a LOT of fur!
Thats what I was thinking!!
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WOW!!That's amazing!
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I think it will make a great sweater. Your baby will always keep you warm. What style of sweater are you going to make?
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Wow, that is a lot of fur!!
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Call the ladies at the Woolie Ewe. They may know of someone local who can help you out. The place in MI require 25 pounds of fur to spin it, I believe.
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