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"Safety" Collar

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We've had some good posts lately about collars and bells and all, and it's been really insightful reading everyone's opinions.

Evie, though, has to try to keep me on my toes, and that leads me to another question for you all!

Evie is a strictly indoor-only cat, but does like to try to go outside. She has snuck out a few times (but if we take her out, oh, no, that's terrible!!), so we definitely want a collar on her. She is micro-chipped, but in our neighborhood, she is far more likely to be picked up and kept by a neighbor than taken to the vet or pound. If she has a collar, they'll more likely call, and if not, they're likely to think she's a stray. So a collar is a definite for us.

Anyway, we've had her for over a year now, and she has only just recently (in the last month) started to get in some trouble with her collar. I don't know if she's grooming, or playing with her collar/bell, but she has twice now gotten her jaw stuck around her collar. Does that make sense?

She will get the collar stuck in her mouth, while it's still around her neck. She does have a safety collar, and when I test it, it releases with little pressure. It seems that she doesn't have the leverage to pop the safety snap while her head is titled down at that awkward angle. She hasn't been able to get out of it on her own, we've needed to help her.

Anyway, enough back story (sorry I'm long-winded). My ultimate question is, has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone have ideas for how to keep her from getting stuck? It looks pretty pathetic. I don't imagine it hurts her, but she can't hardly walk, and it looks really awkward and uncomfortable. Her collar isn't too loose- I can just get a finger beneath it.

Any and all ideas / comments are appreciated!!
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Sounds like the collar needs to be tightened..
you should be able to stick 2 fingers underneath the collar at all times. So as long as you can get two fingers under it will be loose enough and she shouldn't catch her mouth on it.
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I know you said you can just fit a finger underneath the collar, but I'd ask for you to try again. I find it makes a big difference as to how my cats head is sitting when I try it. I just can't imagine that she'd be able to get her chin underneath something that is only a few millimeters wide.
I've only experienced this when my collars are too loose.
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I've seen that happen with the stretch-elastic insert collars, but not with the safety-release buckle collars. You might want to consider trying one of the collars that stretch all the way around, such as a Beastie Band collar. That way, if it gets stuck in her mouth, she can just pull it the rest of the way off with a paw. http://www.beastiebands.com/beastiebands.html You can click on the 'retail' button to find pet supply shops that carry them near where you live, or they can be found at some online retailers.

My cats have been wearing those for several years now & have never had a problem with them.
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sounds like it just needs tightened up a little
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I`m not sure what to suggest.

Maisie had a mishap with her collar when I first got her but now as she doesn`t go out/out she stays nekkid! She was in one with the saftey clip that you adjust by sliding the bit along so it kind of doubles up, if you know what I mean? Somehow she had caught the side and that pulled the loop out and tightened it up! That went straight in the bin and I make sure I don`t but those ones for Kitty.
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