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This is really getting on my nerves

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My 4-5 month old cat is annoying the crap out of me! When I stay home all day, all he does is just run back and forth through th eliving room and into my bedroom, at top speed. He'll run and jump on furniture every now and then, and knock a few things off as well.

Is there any way I can make him stop, maybe a good ol fashioned spanking every time?
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Arg, now hes just relaxing. Maybe its cause I growled at him and chased him out of my room every time he walked in?
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Please don't EVER spank your cat! Hitting them doesn't solve anything. It sounds like he just needs to be worn out. Does he have any toys so that you can play with him? I have seven kittens under the age of 7 months old and they can be very hyper at times. They LOVE the laser pointer as well as any of the wand toys. I've heard Da Bird is amazing but haven't gotten one yet. Play with him until he's worn out, it's good exercise for him and good bonding time for you both.
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We have two 5 month old kittens & they tear around the house everyday.

Just got to get used to how hyper kittens are...If you want to wear your kittens energy down, just make sure to play with him for a little while. If you don't already have cat toys - you could go out & buy some, most are inexpensive. You can even make your own kitty toys if you want. Crumple up tin foil into a ball & throw it for him. Find thick strings for him to play with. You can even hang toys up, our kittens like that a lot. Theres lots of fun things for your kitten to do!

Hopefully you find something that works for your kitten
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He is bored and energetic, so wear him out by playing with him!!

Get a flashlight or a laser.
Hang a small stuffed toy by a string from a ceiling hook.
Get a couple of balls for them to bat around.

Of course playing will rile them up to still run, but it might lessen the manic bursts all over the house since they will need to "attack" the objects still. lol
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NO to spanking!

He's just being a kitten. That's his job. They have tons of energy (and they're hysterically funny if you can let go of the common need for control) and they spend all day (and night sometimes) blowing it off.

You got to be a baby when you were a baby, right? So let him be a kitten! And enjoy him - it's better than anything on TV.
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He really is just being a kitten....
Our kittie does it once or twice a day..we say she has the "zoomies" and we actually think it's hilarious to watch!
The zoomies really don't last long anyways, they just need to have that spurt of energy sometimes. Please be patient, they're not kittens forever...
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As everyone has said: no to spanking, he's just being a kitten.

A toy my cats liked when young were those practice golf balls that are hollow and have holes in them. Ping pong balls are not as good because they get scrunched. I think cats like the holes in the practice golf balls because they can hook them with their claws. After he chases, claws and kicks on that thing for 20 mins, he'll have a nap. Get a package of 6 at least. They tend to disappear behind and under things.
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As many have said, NO to the spanking. I've heard of cats who start to become afraid of an owner after getting spanked often.

However, that aside, they are just being kittens. I have two 8 month old boys and I'll tell you that just in the past month I've noticed they have started to mellow out a lot. Yes they still have the Indy 500 going several times a day, but it doesn't last as long. They also don't wake me up at 5am each morning anymore by running across the bed and playing like they used to. A lot of their "kitten behavior" has subsided a great deal over the past month or so and for that I'm thankful!
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Our kitty is 7 months old and has his crazy times too. That's just the way kittens are. Lots of good suggestions above on how to help him spend his energy - let us know!
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My little boy is now 7 months and is a total tornado of energy. Please don't ever spank your's only doing what is natural and will make it afraid of you. Your kitten will be active for many months to come.

When you are home set aside 15 minutes or so every few hours to actively play with your kitten. Make it an activity that it can run, jump and chase. Both you and your kitten will be much happier.

My Husband and I both work from our home and our kitten has been a challenge. But we love him and have discovered that he disturbs us far less if we just set aside play time. It's much easier than constantly being disrupted as our little guy always seems to sleep after playtime for a few hours. Besides...playing with the cat is a great stress relief from our work.
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Add my vote for no spanking. I'd rather have a happy cat than a scared cat.

I actively play with my two, and they also play with each other. Sometimes when I go to bed, they are not ready for bed. I end up putting them out of the bedroom and closing the door. This has mellowed them out some at night.

Also, I bought a cat tree a couple of weeks ago, and they both, particularly the male, has had a field day on that thing!
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No spanking! He's just a kitten - he's full of energy. If you can afford it, I'd adopt another kitten about his age so they can wear each other out.

Is he neutered? If not, schedule him now, that will help. But sorry to say, he's going into the bratty teenager stage which runs from about 6-18 months old
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I wish more people knew how energetic and playful kittens truly are before bringing them home.

Spend at least 15 minutes a day interactively playing with the kitten, using something like Da Bird or a similar toy the kitten can chase (like a laser toy). Leave toys that the cat can play with on its own while you're gone (a bored kitten is a destructive kitten). Have you ever thought of adopting a 2nd kitten? Kittens do better with a playmate that is a similar age.

You can't discipline a kitten btw.
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Originally Posted by Mustangfreak View Post
My 4-5 month old cat is annoying the crap out of me! When I stay home all day, all he does is just run back and forth through th eliving room and into my bedroom, at top speed. He'll run and jump on furniture every now and then, and knock a few things off as well.

Is there any way I can make him stop, maybe a good ol fashioned spanking every time?
I just read all of your posts since when you first got this kitten. Why did you get him? You want to declaw him.....stop him from playing, etc.

I do not understand....why did you get him?
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I would say get another one, or give him some one on one time with you playing with! He needs that attention and I have always loved my cats random bursts of energy! I think they're hilarious!! Good luck & remember SAVE A PAW, DONT DECLAW!!
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He is just a kitten. My little girl is 6 months old and does it as well. It is hillarious. And please don't hit him. Do you have kids, do you hit them because they want to play tag, or when they are almost ready to pass out from being tired, but their inquisitive minds force them to stay up because they may miss something, so they become so delirious that the only way they can keep from passing out is to run as fast as they can? Kittens dont want to miss anything too. He wants you to join in on his fun. Why can't you take 15 minutes of your miserable day that you are having with this cute little furball (that only wants you to laugh and play with him) and turn his marathon from room to room into a friendly stress relieving game of tag, hide around the corner and jump out and tickle his belly make him chase you he will love it, and you might find you actually enjoy something. NEVER NEVER hit him, If you so find it in your heart that you simply cannot find joy in acting like a kid and playing with him buy him TONS of toys, maybe a crinkle tunnel, or even a jungle gym, dont get another kitten because if you are making one unhappy because you dont want to play, dont ruin another kittens INNOCENT PRIDE by ingoring a second guest to your home.
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From what I have read in these posts, Mustangfreak already has another cat.

See: "Ok, I have two kittens. Ihave had Shinoda for a couple of weeks, and I got Lee this past saturday. In the beginning Lee was even timid around me, but hes comfy around me finally.

But he still doesnt like Shinoda. Every time Shinoda wants to play, Lee whines and hisses and growls at Shinoda while hes playing with him.

How long should it take for them to like each other?

So what's going on here?
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