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Is there a chart out there that tells you how much a cat should weigh based on their length?

With longhair cats its hard to use those visual charts, but I'm thinking that a cat with a reach of 33" should probally weigh more that 10.2lbs.... right?
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I don't go by length of the cat - never heard of it that way. I go by the bone structure/breed (if known) and over all feel and visual appearance.

If you are counting length - is it including tail. Charlie's about 10-11 lbs now but I don't think his body - chest to butt (not including tail) is 33 inches in length.
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If he is laying down compelty flat with paws outstreched, from front paw to back paw he is 33", so probally about 30" head to but (no tail). I know he's thin, you can see his hip bones, feel his spine, and feel his ribs rather well.
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30inches head to rear no tail would be about your ave springer spanial...

Kandie was a large girl and she was about 14lbs and 22 inches long

Zoey is slight built and about 18 inches and 8-9 lbs

I think only two cats I have ever seen were as long as you are saying and they both weighed in the 20-22lb range
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The best way to tell what a healthy weight would be is to ask your vet. Mine range from 9lbs to 15-16lbs in 'ideal weights' depending on frame, ages etc.

If your cat has seen a vet recently they could probably tell you over the phone if they were underweight at the time of the visit and what their ideal weight is. My longest cat is 21 inches and he is a huge cat (both weight and length) so I am guessing your 33" includes the head/tail? If you are talking about how far they can reach stretching their back and front paws up a chair it is hard to tell how big they really are as they all stretch/reach different ways.
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I do remember measuring Mitten one time - from nose to tail he was about 35 inches long - but that included a 12-14 inch tail. He was a good 14 lb cat (my biggest cat I've owned).
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My BooBoo is also really long and I havn't found a chart that justifies his length also! All the cats in the pics look like little tiny ones and mine is HUGE!!!! So if you find one let me know also please!!
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The pics show how you should be able to see their ribcage etc, that doesn't change according to length. Again the best way to tell is to ask your vet.
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what is the best way to measure a cat?

I measured mine from the base of his tail to his shoulder and he was about 24 inches.

but not sure if that is how you measure length on a cat?

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Just to let you know, this is a thread from 2007. wink.gif but I'm sure others will pop along and reply, as I have no idea. laughing02.gif
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