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Cat has a sore

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Well, when it rains it pours...now that I just got my other cat back on the road to health with his eye healing...yesterday, I was able to get a hold of my other cat...and now I find a sore about the size of a nickel on the side of her mouth, on the outside. My oh my, its always something. Anyways, last night I cleaned it best I could and put on some neosporum..As luck would have it, she was on the porch this am and I was able to catch her. I brought her in, waiting for the vet's to open..I called the vet and he recommened I clean the sore as often as I can and apply the neo stuff and see how it looks after a couple of days..if not better, to bring her in. It looks like an abces but with sort of a scab but it is oozing a clear type liquid when I get a close look. This cat is about 10 years old and is the boss of my other cat. She is neutered and named Stubby. So perhaps both of my cats ran into the same critter..One cat got it in the eye and the other in the mouth..or perhaps they fought together. Both cats are outdoor cats and we live in the country..Stubby likes to run when I try to walk up to her, but will walk with me where I go. She is eating find so she is not ill, just wounded. Just wanted everyone to know whats happening here with my kitties...Wish I could add an attachment so you all could see my kitties...ok..thanks for listening...
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Awww.... poor baby! If you can hold her for a warm compress, that may also help if you do it for a bit after cleaning but before applying the neosporin. Do make sure to keep it clean - unfortunately parasites are attracted to open sores.

Hope she heals up quickly!!!!!!!

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Sending lots of healing vibes for your kitty!
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Well, my ole Stubby cat is doing much better, the wound is only a 1/4 of the size it was when I first posted. She is missing hair the size of a nickel but Im sure it will grow back. I was unable to check it yesterday, she is very fast and can hide in many places in the barn. But she is eating and doing all the other cat stuff so she is doing better. Im gonna try to get her this am and see how it looks. Thanks for everyones thoughts...
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I hope Stubby's sore keeps getting better.
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