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Bathtime with Mommy

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Well, sorta. Haha...

I had the worst Christmas ever, and when I got home, all I wanted was a nice, hot bath. I didn't even care that my roommate had a houseful of loud, drunk people, haha... I shut the door and swore that if anybody bothered me, I'd drag them in and drown them

Anyway, Kit can't stand being shut out of the bathroom, so he stood by the door crying. Of course, I let him in. He's never seen me take a bath before (I reserve them for high stress situations, haha), so he was very curious. He stood with his front paws on the tub watching me for a good ten minutes. Then, he leaned in and started licking the water off my shoulder.

Then, he proceeded to stick one paw out and smack the water, splashing it everywhere and startling himself He ran away (to the toilet, of course), but he came back twice more and did it again, hahaha. He watched the bath drain completely, and then, when I got out, he jumped into the tub.

He kills me! That was just what I needed after my crummy day.
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The kits seem to know how to make us feel better.
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Awww, that's so sweet! They do always know how to make us feel better!
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It's wonderful that he was able to cheer you up after a rough day!

I had a similar experience a couple weeks ago, first time Seamus saw me in the tub, and he just sat and stared and stared and stared... he'd come look, then run, look and run... it was hard to just shut my eyes and relax because I felt his eyes on me the whole time, just in awe that someone would voluntarily sit in water!

They are great for giving us a laugh just when we need it!
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How cute! They always seem to make us smile!
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That is too cute! Most of mine just ignore it, but if Tiger is going to be in the bathroom when i take a hot bath, I have to be very careful of what I put in it, because sometime before I get done, he's going to have a long drink of it......only cat I've ever seen who likes warm water......sigh!
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Odo doesn't like it when I'm in the shower--he meows and meows, and then I'll lean over and talk to him, and he'll hit me in the face (not very hard). Then he runs off meowing all the way. Zek has recently become fascinated with the tub and the shower. He likes to see the water drip.
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How cute! He sounds like the perfect friend
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